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Accessories for Your Mercedes Benz: Must-Haves

If you’ve bought a Mercedes Benz, you’d also want to invest in the latest gadgetry that the three-point star brand has to offer. The global luxury car brand is known to manufacture the most exquisite, state-of-the-art luxury cars in the automotive space that capture an essence of extravagance and finesse in their design aesthetics and […]

June 5, 2024

Mercedes-Benz Car Detailing: What to expect?

The Mercedes Benz cars series have been an incredibly striking amalgamation of opulent comfort and luxury, with an abundance of state-of-the-art equipment, products, and gadgetry incorporated into the interiors of the cars.  And thus, it is obvious that the Mercedes Benz may not be the easiest car to maintain, with such intricacy and delicacy in […]

June 5, 2024

Monsoon Safety Essentials For Your Mercedes-Benz

It’s been raining for a while and now is a good time to check up on your Mercedes Benz. An intricate scrutiny of your luxury car can help you gauge the condition of it and take necessary actions to safeguard the integral structure of the same. If you aren’t sure about how to analyze your […]

June 5, 2024

What To Do If You Have Water Damage In Your Mercedes Benz?Mercedes service center

As monsoon strikes, most Mercedes Benz owners are left wondering what must one do to avoid any car damages that the rains drag along and if damage prevails, what combating measures should one take. Let’s briefly run through the answer to the first question. Despite not being seasoned professionals equipped with the dexterity to fix […]

June 5, 2024

7 Basic Monsoon Car Care Tips for Your Mercedes-Benz

Monsoons are one of the harshest climates. The rains can be harsh on your luxurious Mercedes Benz, thus, it is imperative that you take some precautionary measures to safeguard your car during this time. Here are seven monsoon car care tips that you must implement to get through the season without any car damage.  1) […]

June 5, 2024

A New Pit-stop For You Star at Vile Parle – By Auto Hangar Mumbai

The prestigious and leading luxurious car dealer Auto Hangar has opened yet another Mercedes Service Centre in Vile parle. The new Mercedes service center in Vile Parle marks the 25th anniversary of Autohangar and gives the customer a premium experience. The 3-pointed performance star service center consists of design, Architecture, Customer-oriented processes, and Digital enhancements.  Mr. Martin Schwenk, Managing Director & […]

June 5, 2024

How to Tell When Your Brakes Need Service?

The brake is an important safety component in a car. Most people take brake service leniently and  eventually lead to serious accidents. So it needs to be taken seriously and regular brake servicing should be done to avoid serious damages. Sometimes people are aware of it but are not able to recognize the early signs. […]

June 5, 2024

8 Reasons Why you shouldn’t avoid Mercedes-Benz car care products

Mercedes-Benz is a premium luxury car with extraordinary features. It’s a big task to maintain and take regular care of it. Most people avoid taking care of cars. But luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz need care at regular intervals to make it sustainable for a long time. Likewise, most people opt for normal car care products […]

June 5, 2024
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