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A New Pit-stop For You Star at Vile Parle – By Auto Hangar Mumbai

The prestigious and leading luxurious car dealer Auto Hangar has opened yet another Mercedes Service Centre in Vile parle. The new Mercedes service center in Vile Parle marks the 25th anniversary of Autohangar and gives the customer a premium experience. The 3-pointed performance star service center consists of design, Architecture, Customer-oriented processes, and Digital enhancements. 

Mr. Martin Schwenk, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, Mr. Shekhar Bhide, Vice President, Customer Services & Corporate Affairs, Mercedes-Benz India, and Mr. Mohan Mariwala, Managing Director, Auto Hangar in Mumbai inaugurated the workshop.

During the inauguration, Martin Schwenk, Managing Director, and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India commented “The inauguration of the new Auto Hangar workshop in the new premium MAR 2020 retail format, helps our customers with the best of luxury, technology, and convenience. To help provide solutions to more customers, the workshop is located in a prime location of Vile Parle, boasts of industry-leading initiatives such as Premier Express Prime, and showcases EQ-readiness.

Mumbai has always been a very important market for Mercedes-Benz India and our long-term retail partner ‘Auto Hangar’ have been an integral part of our success story in this market. With the modernized exterior and interior area of the new workshop, the customers will embark on a fascinating journey through a combination of spatial design, innovative advisory processes, and the introduction of digitalization in advice, sales, and service. With the staunch support of the Auto Hangar team, we are committed to providing tailor-made luxury experiences for our customers.”

The facility is spread across 30,800 sq. ft. with 10 bays and can service over 3600 cars per year. The Mercedes service center can service all models of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars except EQC. One of the best features is, that the Customer journey is registered digitally by incorporating Mercedes DSD Nxt. Other features included are:

Mercedes-Benz Premier Express Prime 2.0:

An updated premier express prime 2.0 is launched for this workshop. One of the main aspects is it provides services within 3 hours if it doesn’t provide then services will be offered complimentary. They provide 2 types of services name A and B type. 

Service A: 

Oil and oil filter check and replacement: Oil and oil filter check is one of the prime components during servicing. This Mercedes service center contains state-of-the-art services that help in providing world-class services to the customer.

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Brake Fluid replacement: Brake fluid replacement and checking is one of the important factors that need to be checked. We provide excellent service with expert technicians who will be able to guide you in this.

Dust Filter Replacement: The dust and contaminants get into the AC. It also jams the moving parts of an AC such as fan motors and valves. Airflow is restricted which creates a strain on the system. An expert technician will help you in identifying whether dust filters needed replacement or not in the Mercedes Service Center in Mumbai.

Wheel rotation: Wheel rotation needs to be checked regularly otherwise it will lead to low performance. So it’s better to be reviewed by an expert technician that will help you with the Mercedes Service Center in Mumbai

Coolant Antifreeze mixture ratio check: Coolant is an important part of the cooling system. If there’s a coolant leak or the wrong mixture is added to the car, the cooling system cannot function optimally. And this can lead to engine damage. So it is better to check with technical expertise from a reputed Mercedes Service Center in Mumbai.

Washing: Periodic washing helps to keep the shine and helps in controlling depreciation. So the solution is to hire a professional from a reputed Mercedes Service Center in Mumbai

Interior & Exterior Cleaning: Interior and exterior cleaning is a must in maintaining the performance of your car. Most people usually take care of interior and exterior cleaning themselves. 

Service B:

Apart from Oil and oil filter check and replacement, Brake Fluid replacement, Dust Filter Replacement, Wheel rotation, Coolant Antifreeze mixture ratio check, Washing, and Interior & Exterior Cleaning, they also provide Fuel Filter check, Air Filter replacement. 

Fuel Filter check: If the fuel filter is not checked, it causes low fuel pressure that results in a lean fuel condition and engine misfire. It can also result in poor fuel mileage, rough idling, and possibly cause the check engine light to come on. This can be overcome by hiring a professional from a reputed Mercedes Service Center in Mumbai

Air Filter Replacement: The air filter will get clogged If it gets too dirty and the engine won’t be able to suck up enough air to the combustion chamber. It will eventually lead the engine to use more gas and less air. This will result in poorer performance and a drop in fuel efficiency. This can be overcome by hiring a professional from a reputed Mercedes Service Center in Mumbai

Hope you will enjoy the journey of car servicing with Autohangar Mercedes Service Center. Contact us for more information.

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July 2, 2022
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