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7 Mercedes Servicing & Maintenance Tips For You

It is easy to notice many people driving around their Mercedes-Benz car year after year without any maintenance issues. Your friends, colleagues or siblings may be among them. One of the reasons why it is possible is because they strictly follow the basic maintenance measures and manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance at Mercedes-Benz service centres. Various factors such as heat, rain, humidity, road conditions, driving habits can impact the performance of the vehicle. To keep your three-pointed star in optimal running condition and prolong the service life, you must follow these 7 Mercedes servicing and maintenance tips. 

Oil Change

To enjoy the high-performance capabilities of a Mercedes-Benz car, the engine should be in perfect condition. Oil is key to keeping the engine up and running always. Thus, oil change at regular intervals helps in avoiding potential problems that can occur. One way to determine the oil quality is its colour. Contaminants can make the oil colour black while it should ideally be amber. If you find a change in oil colour, it is time to change the oil. Also, you can follow the experts’ advice at Mercedes servicing centres.


Lubrication has traditionally been part and parcel of vehicle maintenance. It is important to keep the mechanical system running in good condition. Applying fresh lubricants on specific car parts such as chassis, suspension components and other moving positions is a good way to care for your Mercedes-Benz car and it can extend the life of your vehicle as well.


There are two types of filters used in cars namely, oil filters and air filters. Contaminants in various forms should not reach the inner parts of the car, and both the filters work well to keep it away. However, over a long time, filters do not function well. This is the reason filters need to be checked regularly and replaced immediately, in case it is damaged. Generally, Mercedes servicing at regular intervals take care of the filter change.


Low tire pressure may result in more friction, which eventually causes wear in tires. Additionally, it can lead to more burning of fuel and related costs for the same. Thus, it is important to check the tire air pressure and keep it at recommended psi. Besides, tires should always be in good condition as they minimize the risk of accidents on roads. Changing tires according to the Mercedes servicing centre recommendation and checking alignment are also important measures.

Brake Pads

Brake pads may need change if you have already covered close to 20,000 miles with your Mercedes-Benz car. The service book manual will tell you when you need to change the brake pads. 


Regularly check the batteries of your Mercedes-Benz car for leaks, loose cable or wire connections and corrosion. It can affect the lighting functionality of your car, which can be dangerous. Also, you can clean the posts or replace the battery terminals if required.

Regular Maintenance

As mentioned, regular Mercedes servicing and maintenance is a must for extending the life of your car. You must follow Service A, Service B and Service C and complete them. The experts and technicians at Mercedes servicing centres can help you keep the vehicle performing at its best.

When you buy a Mercedes-Benz, it is a big investment. Follow the simple maintenance measures and the regular maintenance schedules to protect the investment and maximize the value.

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October 29, 2021
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