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Mercedes Benz S Class

Vehicle Overview

The New Mercedes S Class has made its entry with the newly designed generation of engines. It comes with the most intelligent assistance systems in its class. The Mercedes S Class will mesmerize you with 64 colour ambient lighting and even seat massages. It helps the driver to remain composed and relaxed behind the wheel. The Multibeam headlamps make a very striking expression. The headlamps comprise of 84 LEDs to light up the road like never before. Since 1972, The S Class has always stood for utmost comfort and luxury but today it all about an entirely new quality. The Mercedes S Class for the first time offers s Driving Assistance Package in India.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

MSRP: 13,558,438*

This variant of the Mercedes S class is driven by a diesel-powered engine. The S 350d offers great comfort and luxury to both the driver as well as the passenger riding in it.

  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:
MSRP: 13,976,653*

The S450 automatic is one of the best cars offered by Mercedes-Benz in India. The S-Class since its inception is known for the grandeur, luxury, and comfort it offers to those riding in it.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:


  • The Mercedes S Class comes in two variants: the Mercedes S Class 350d which is a diesel and Mercedes S Class 450 which is a petrol engine.
  • With a step-less damping control system, the AIRMATIC air suspension ensures a superlative driving experience on rough roads as well.
  • The new ergonomic touch controls on the 3 spoke multifunction steering wheel allows control on most of the functions of the car. This includes cruise control as well.
  • The Burmester surround sound system with 13 speakers giving a total output of 590 W upgrades the listening experience in the new Mercedes S Class.
  • You can now charge your smartphone in the new Mercedes S Class via wireless charging. The systems recognizes all the compatible devices irrespective of model and brand.
  • The Interiors of the Mercedes S Class can be fragranced to suit your personal preferences. The AIR BALANCE package gives you a choice of six high-quality interior fragrances.
  • The THEMATIC automatic climate control system in Mercedes S Classfacilitates individual climate comfort to the front seats as well as the rear seats. Temperature can be set separately for each side.
  • With options of 64 colours, the ambient lighting allows to adjust the lighting of your car according to your personal preferences or mood.

All you need to know about the Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes S Class is known to the world as a top of the line car offered by the German brand. The Mercedes S Class was formerly called Sonderklasse, which means “special class” in German. The Mercedes S Class was always the best that the company had to offer in terms of technology, interior features, and also safety.

This luxury vehicle segment was launched in the year 1972, with the model W116 and since then, the Mercedes S Class became the flagship vehicle of Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes S Class has also been ranked several times as the best-selling luxury sedan.

The Mercedes S Class has been the pride of the brand for decades now and till today, six generations of the Mercedes S Class have been produced. In 1981, two doors, four-seat Mercedes S Class was launched under the name of SEC i.e S Class Coupe. This later was renamed as the CL-Class.

The first Mercedes S Class convertible model was the A217, was also introduced in 1972. The Mercedes S Class is sheer luxury on wheels. The car is the perfect combination of comfort, performance, and safety.

Timeline of the Mercedes S Class

In 1972, Mercedes-Benz introduced the W116 model, which was the first car to be officially called the Mercedes S Class. This car ruled the luxury car market between the years 1972 and 1980. The car also featured four-wheel independent suspension and disc brakes.

A total of 4,73,035 units of the W116 were sold. This car gave Mercedes-Benz the recognition it needed, highlighting the safety features of the vehicle. The W116 was one of the very first cars to have the ABS feature. It was also the first mass-production vehicle with a turbocharged diesel engine.

The second generation of the Mercedes S Class, W126 was first premiered in September 1970 and was launched later in March 1980. The W126 was an aerodynamically advanced car and won many cars of the year awards. The W126 achieved total sales of 8,18,036 units.

In 1980, the W126 had also introduced the essential driver-side airbag, and then passenger airbags In 1988. The interiors of this new Mercedes S Class were also upgraded with reading lamps, heated seats, and a climate control system.

The W140 series of theMercedes S Class replaced the W126 in 1991. The W140 was 25% costlier than the W126 and featured two wheelbase lengths. Mercedes-Benz sold 4,32,732 units of this S-Class.

In 1993 new changes were made, with the SE/SEL/SEC cars becoming a part of the S Class. The W140 also received minor facelifts.

The W220 was the fourth generation of the Mercedes S Class, presented in July 1998. This time the S Class was entirely redesigned when compared to the W140. A new rounded design was featured by the brand for the first time.

This new S Class was all about styling. Even if the car looked smaller, it offered ample space towards the interiors. Mercedes-Benz produced 4,85,000 units of this generation of the S Class. Several new additions were also made to the W220, making it more successful and desirable.

In the year 2005, the fifth generation of the Mercedes S Class, W221 was launched, at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. The W221 was even sharper and technologically sound in comparison with the previous generation.

The models under the W221 were the S450, S550, S600, and others, In 2010, this model also received a facelift. In terms of performance, this generation of the Mercedes S Class accelerated from 0-100kmph in just 5.4 secs.

The W222 and the W223 are the sixth and seventh generations of the Mercedes-Benz S Class. The sixth-generation was bought to the market in 2013, and the S-Class looked more streamlined than ever before. Exceptional technological upgrades were made to this model of the S Class like the Magic Body Control, Active Body Control, and driver assistance systems.

The W223 is the latest Mercedes S Class launched in September 2020. This generation is a true masterpiece. The car only speaks the luxury language, with the best in class features. It is the first car in the world with rear seat airbags that use ambient air.


The Mercedes S Class variants, both are priced a little over 1.3 crore rupees, with the petrol variant S450 costing more than the S350d.

Mercedes S Class FAQ

The price of a Mercedes S Class is between 1 to 1.5 crore rupees. It is one of the best vehicles from the German brand with the most powerful engine and utmost luxury and comfort.

Yes, a lot has been changed in the new Mercedes S Class. It offers more security and safety features taking comfort to the next level. It is more than a car now. It’s an experience.

You can test drive the new Mercedes S Class at your nearest Autohangar Mercedes dealership and our staff will help you book your new Mercedes S Class.

Mercedes S Class is the top of the line model, offered by the German brand, Mercedes-Benz. The luxury and comfort of the car paired with performance are what make owning an S Class special.
The S350d and S450 are the two models of the Mercedes S Class available in India.

Mercedes S Class vs Mercedes Maybach

The Mercedes S Class is a luxury saloon while the Maybach is a vehicle promoting ultra-luxury. The Maybach is based on the body of the Mercedes S Class and is upgraded with some of the best technology and luxury elements.
The Maybach is also much costlier than that of any models of the Mercedes S Class.

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