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Mercedes Benz AMG

Vehicle Overview

AMG, which is the short form for Aufecht, Melcher and Großaspach is the division producing performance vehicles for Mercedes Benz acclaimed by enthusiasts all over
the world as a mark of sheer excellence. The team AMG® collaborates with the designers at Mercedes Benz to incorporate high-performance AMG engines and technology in the vehicles. Certain aspects make the Mercedes AMG different. These
aspects are the longitudinal and lateral dynamics, the comfort of the driver, aesthetics on the exterior complimenting the power of the vehicle. Special attention is paid by the Mercedes AMG engineers to the brakes, axles and the body that can offer safety and stability both at higher speeds. In India, the horsepower enhancing collaboration of the Mercedes AMG has to offer a range of AMG – models which include sedans, cabriolets and roadsters, SUV and Coupe.

Mercedes-Benz AMG

MSRP: 23,264,133*

With a 4.0 L AMG V8 engine, the Mercedes AMG GTR is a powerful machine with perfect aerodynamics. It is a sports car for the tracks and a glider on the streets as well.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission:
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:
MSRP: 22,800,000*

A stronger than time SUV, AMG G63 is one of the most iconic vehicles under the Mercedes AMG badge. Raw yet aggressive looking Mercedes AMG G63 is a definite eye-catcher on the streets.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission:
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:
MSRP: 16,845,915*

This Mercedes-Benz AMG is said to be the S Class of SUV’s and has an extra boost of power. The Mercedes AMG GLS63 is a perfect combination of comfort, performance and dynamic agility.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission:
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:
MSRP: 14,079,665*

A stylish and sport sedan, the Mercedes AMG C63 is a symbol of elegance and power. Dynamic exteriors, LED headlamps, solid built quality and impressive sound system make this Mercedes AMG an attractive car.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission:
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:
MSRP: 30,000,000*

The Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35 is an entry-level AMG with 4MATIC system. It is one of its kind in the segment and a performance-oriented vehicle with a stylish interior.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission:
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:
MSRP: 24,230,000*

With driving dynamics at the motor sport level, the AMG GT 63 s is an explosive 4-door Coupe with a sophisticated and powerful V8 engine delivering extraordinary performance and exemplary efficiency.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:


The different vehicles that Mercedes AMG offers in India are as follow: Mercedes AMG E 63S 4MATIC+, Mercedes AMG GT Roadster, Mercedes AMG GT R, Mercedes
AMG G63 4 MATIC, Mercedes AMG GLE 43 Coupe, Mercedes AMG GLC 43 4MATIC
Coupe, Mercedes AMG GT S63 4MATIC+ 4-door Coupe, Mercedes AMG C43 4MATIC
Coupe and Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe.

  • The Sedan segment like the E63 S 4MATIC has been installed with the AMG-SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9- speed Sports Transmission. Along with that design, customization's like the AMG performance seats, AMG exterior packages, AMG ceramic high-performance composite brake system are also offered.
  • The AMG GT R and the GT Roadster particularly sporting luxury cars have features like the AMG Ride Control sports suspension, AMG DYNAMIC select which is a driving program, AMG performance steering wheels and bucket seats.
  • The beast, Mercedes-AMG G 63 comes with a 4.0-litre V8 bitturbo engine with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT TCT 9G Transmission making the drive more efficient and comfortable. It also has the AMG Performance steering wheel in Nappa leather.
  • The GLE 43 Coupe consists of AMG floor mats with lettering and a powerful V6 engine. The Mercedes AMG GLC 43 Coupe if viewed from the side looks magnificent due to the AMG 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels with a high sheen finish.
  • The AMG Cylinder Management shutoff system is also one of the highlight features. The AMG ride control suspension ensures superior performance whether on the race track or a daily drive. AMG engines also come with the carbon-fibre engine cover making it even more classy.

All you want to know about Mercedes AMG

The well known AMG was founded by two men sharing a passion for motor sport and engineering. Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher saw an open opportunity and built engines that offer superior performance and some serious power. Every Mercedes AMG present in the world today is driven by their sheer passion. The AMG till today is key to success on various racetracks. AMG, the name was derived from A as in Aufrecht, M as in Melcher and G as in Großaspach.
The Mercedes AMG is currently a team of 1700 employees working at its plant in Affalterbach. Performance, precision and efficiency are what defines the Mercedes AMG. These cars facilitate a rich and powerful driving experience like no other brand. Mercedes AMG promises its drivers maximum output, torque, fuel consumption and emissions.

Mercedes AMG performance brand has its roots in motor sport and has been on the race track for decades. Mercedes AMG is the most successful brand in the history of DTM. The brand also represented itself in Formula 1by the name of Mercedes AMG Petronas Motosport Team. AMG has also been providing Formula 1 Safety car and Medical car since 1996.

What is AMG?

Mercedes AMG GmbH, known to the world as AMG is a high-performance section of the Mercedes Benz. AMG is an independent body that works with engineers and manufacturers to produce the best Mercedes Benz AMG vehicles. The headquarters of AMG is located in Affalterbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Earlier AMG was a fully independent engineering firm which is now wholly owned by Mercedes-Benz AMG which comes under Daimler AG.

AMG Timeline

An overwhelming passion for motor sports set the foundation of AMG more than 50 years ago. It was the year 1960 when a two-man operation turned into a global brand. Two engineers Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher were working on a racing engine 300 SE in the development department at Daimler-Benz. Even after the company shut the motor sports section, these two engineers worked on enhancing the performance of the engine.

In 1965, when the engine won races, Aufrecht gained great reputation but he did not stop there. In 1966, he left Mercedes Benz and partnered with Melcher in a shared business. They started with their headquarters in a former mill.

It was the year 1971 when the AMG Mercedes 300 SEL 6.8 became a champion in its class even after competing with cars that were much lighter and the name AMG became a Phenomenon throughout the world.
After this, AMG equipped more and more Mercedes models with their technology. AMG became an engine manufacturer in 1984. AMG added their performance to an E Class Coupe that became popular around the world and received the title” The Hammer”. AMG then partnered with Daimler-Benz to produce a race car that won a total of 50 DTM races between 1988 and 1993.

1990 was a historic year for AMG as it had partnered with Mercedes Benz and was all set to hit the streets through the Mercedes Benz network of sales and services. The Mercedes C36 AMG was their first car together launched in 1993. From then to now, Mercedes Benz AMG has become a true definition of performance, power and luxury.

Pricing & Maintenance

The cars under Mercedes Benz AMG are known for their power and performance. Mercedes Benz
AMG offers some great options in India like the entry-level model Mercedes AMG A35 that cost just
above 40 lakh rupees to the Mercedes Benz GTR which is a sports car and can cost you between 2-2.5
crores. When it comes to maintenance, you can get your Mercedes Benz AMG serviced or repaired at
your nearest authorized Mercedes Benz AMG service centres like Autohangar services.

AMG performance

An AMG Performance Center is the closest you can get to experience the enthusiasm and passion that goes behind a car like the Mercedes Benz AMG. You get the actual feel of the brand and at the same time, the thrill of motor sports.

There are 500 AMG Performance Centers located around the globe. Our experts at AMG are driven by the passion to deliver an excellent driving performance to customers. AMG service experts are the best you can find in the Mercedes Benz organization.


The Mercedes AMG is the sports division of the brand. This division converts the basic Mercedes Benz models into speedsters. The AMG is considered as one of the best sports engines in the world. Thus the Mercedes AMG can offer the speed of a sports car and the luxury of a Mercedes.
Yes, the Mercedes AMG cars are safe as they are made with perfection by experts. The necessary changes are made to a Mercedes-Benz to turn it into an AMG. It’s not just the engine, Changes are made on the exteriors and the interiors as well.
Yes, the AMG cars are great for a daily driver. They not only offer speed but also comfort which is much needed for a daily driver. You can cruise to work in your Mercedes-AMG.
The maintenance cost for the Mercedes AMG depends on how well you can maintain it. Keeping your Mercedes AMG maintained can cut down your maintenance costs to a great extent.
Mercedes AMG is costlier than a normal Mercedes-Benz because the AMG engine is way more powerful and delivers great performance on the comparison.

When it comes to power, dynamics and speed, the Mercedes AMG GTR is one of the best cars introduced by AMG.

In India Mercedes-Benz AMG offers a total of ten models across all segments.

There are two AMG SUV’s that are very popular in India. The Mercedes AMG G63 and the AMG GLS63.

You can get your Mercedes AMG serviced at your nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz service centre or workshop like Autohangar.

The perfect combination of power, comfort and performance delivering an amazing driving experience is what makes Mercedes AMG special.
Yes, the Mercedes AMG C63 is one the best sedans offered under the AMG badge.
The Mercedes AMG A35 is the least priced Mercedes AMG car. It is an entry-level model but still, an AMG engine says it all.

Mercedes Benz AMG VS NON AMG

AMG is the performance division of Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes Benz AMG cars are said to be the some of the fastest and the finest engines of all time. AMG stands for Aufecht, Melcher and Großaspach named on former Mercedes engineers Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher in Burgstall an der Murr.
Non-AMG cars lack the AMG performance and power. The normal Mercedes models are upgraded by installing an AMG engine and then presented as Mercedes-Benz AMG. AMG cars are said to be more refined and powerful than Non-AMG cars.
Another special feature of a Mercedes-Benz AMG is that all the AMG engines are handcrafted by one engineer entirely as per the “one man, one engine” philosophy. The name of the engine builder is stamped on the engine head along with his/her signature.

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