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Mercedes Benz C Class

Vehicle Overview

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a car known for its perfect proportions that facilitate utmost comfort and drive quality. The new face of the C class depicts dynamism and gives a very contemporary appeal. The new Mercedes -Benz C Class has been upgraded with redesigned bumpers, Chrome and stunning LED headlamps. The AVANTGARDE interior displays your style, sportiness. The interior lighting package adds to its beauty. It's a car that can do it both, whether it is sports or on the road. State of the art features like the new generation multimedia system and larger displays make the functionality of the car special and highly individual.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

MSRP: 4,295,000*

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class 220d prime is the base diesel variant from C-Class. The engine of this Mercedes-Benz C Class produces maximum power and torque. It is available in automatic transmission and six different colours.

  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:
MSRP: 4,009,950*

The Mercedes-Benz C Class has high-performance LED lamps and ORVM’s integrated with indicators. C200 Prime is a safe modern luxury car with exclusive features like ambient lighting and a panoramic sunroof.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:
MSRP: 5,024,750*

The C300d is a part of the AMG Line of the C Class. It is a diesel variant of the C Class paired with the performance of an AMG engine. This variant is available with automatic transmission and is offered in six colours.

  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:


  • DYNAMIC Select improves the handling characteristics of the car and shifting through gears becomes quite easy.
  • Panoramic sunroof creates a genuine open-air experience while driving. It can be opened and closed by just a touch button.
  • MULTIBEAM LED option is available with the C300d AMG and LED High-Performance lights are available with the C200 and C220d.
  • The Midline Sound System available with the C300d AMG and C200 and C220d.
  • All Digital instrument display available with the Classic, Progressive and Sporty styles that help you decide which information is important.
  • Mercedes Me connect will allow you to stay in touch with the vehicle from anywhere in the world and you can obtain assistance at the touch of a button.
  • Cruise Control maintains the speed for you. If the set speed is exceeded, the vehicle breaks automatically.
  • The PARKTRONIC technology makes parking in tight spaces much easier and convenient.
  • With options of 64 colours, the ambient lighting allows to adjust the lighting of your car according to your personal preferences or mood.

All you need to know about the Mercedes Benz C Class

The Mercedes Benz C Class is a compact luxury car and was one of the smallest cars offered by Mercedes-Benz before the launch of the A-Class. The first-ever C Class, also known as the W202, was produced on 1st June 1993.

The Mercedes C Class also has the option of the four-wheel-drive called the 4MATIC in Mercedes-Benz terms since 2002. The latest generation of the Mercedes Benz C class was launched in 2014.
Initially, the C Class was introduced as a sedan, but later Coupe version was also released, and today the C-Class also has an AMG variant.

The C 36 AMG also served as a safety car during the 1996 and 1997 Formula 1 races.

Timeline of the Mercedes Benz C Class

W202 (1993-2000)

Three years after the production of the W201, in October 1986 Mercedes-Benz began working on a successor. A new design was patented on 19th December 1990 and in May 1993, the W202 C-Class was introduced. Till 1997, the W202 was the company’s entry-level model.

W203( 2000-2007)

The development of the new Mercedes C Class (W203) began in 1994. Design patents were filed between 1998-99. After all the testing, the new Mercedes Benz C Class was introduced in March 2000. This sedan debuted the range of inline-four, V6 petrol engines, and inline-four and five inline diesel engines. Except for the C320 and C32 AMG, other models had a six-speed manual gearbox. For the first time in Mercedes-Benz history, the number designations were not equivalent to the engine displacement.

W204 (2007-2014)

On 18th January 2007, Mercedes-Benz lifted curtains from the W204 C-Class at the Geneva Auto Show. This new C Class was inspired by the S-Class and had a longer wheelbase than before. This Mercedes C-Class also received a facelift in 2011 for the 2012 model and now had LED taillights, a revised dashboard, and an instrument cluster. The W204 design was continued into 2015 as well with the Mercedes C-Class Coupe.

W205 (2014-present)

The latest running generation of the Mercedes C-Class was launched in 2014 and was the first car to use the Modular Rear Architecture platform. The new C-Class is comparatively lighter as the elements of its body are made up of aluminium and high strength steel.

The Chassis of the W205 is used for different C-Class body styles like the Sedan(W205), Wagon (S205), Coupe(C205), and Cabriolet(A205). A facelift version of the W205 Mercedes Benz C Class was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018.

Pricing and Maintainance

The C220 Prime is priced at around forty-two lakhs, while the C200 Prime and the C300d AMG are priced around forty and fifty lakhs respectively. When it comes to maintenance, the widespread of Mercedes-Benz service centres is also there to assist you. If you are a Mercedes C-Class owner in Mumbai, you can head to Autohangar Mercedes Service Centers across Mumbai.


The new Mercedes Benz C Class is a beautifully designed car with great new features that ensure comfort, luxury, safe and also brilliant driving experience.
The Mercedes-Benz C Class is available in colours like Polar White, Mojave Silver, Obsidian Black, Selenite Grey, Cavansite Blue and Designo Hyancith Red.

You can test drive the new Mercedes Benz C class at your nearest
Autohangar Mercedes showroom. Our staff will help you know more about the car.

The C220d Prime, C200 Prime, and the C300d AMG are the three variants of the Mercedes-Benz C Class available in India.

The Mercedes C Class is a very reliable car. It is the perfect combination of performance, design, and luxury. The Mercedes C Class is also loaded with tonnes of safety features.

The price range of the Mercedes-Benz C Class models is between forty to fifty lakhs. At this price range, the Mercedes C Class is the best option.
The Midline Sound System is installed in the C300d AMG, C200, and C220d Prime.
Yes, the Mercedes C Class has the option of a Panoramic sunroof that creates natural ambient lighting in the driver’s cabin.

C -Class Vs E-Class

The C-Class is known to be the younger brother of the E-Class. Both these cars by Mercedes-Benz have gained immense popularity amongst car buyers. The C Class looks more like an executive car while the E Class feels like the smaller version of the S-Class.
The price of the Mercedes C Class is comparatively lower than the E Class, but both cars have their distinctive character. Both are elegant in their way. The pricing of the C Class usually attracts more customers, but the features of the E class take the rider experience to another level.
If you have a limited budget to buy a Mercedes-Benz, then the Mercedes C Class is the best option.

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