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Mercedes Benz GLE

Vehicle Overview

The Mercedes-Benz GLE is one amongst the most spacious and comfortable luxury SUV’s. The new sleek headlamps, alloy wheels and a sportier front grill gives Mercedes GLE the look of a modern SUV. E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL is an active suspension that will offer you the smoothest drive while you take the new Mercedes GLE for a spin. It is made to handle all the surprises that a road may throw at you while driving. The Fit and Healthy features of the car contribute to your health during the drive. The Mercedes-Benz GLE is definitely a car that cares. New technology and features make it a smart car.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

MSRP: 12,478,073*

The new Mercedes-Benz GLE is one of the finest SUV’s offering extreme spaciousness and comfort. The new sleek headlamps with sporty front grille make the car look even more attractive. The new GLE is a modern SUV.

  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:
MSRP: 10,489,392*

This model of the GLE is a phenomenal addition to the Mercedes army. The Mercedes-Benz GLE has started a new era for luxury SUV's in India. It is symbol strength, dynamism and modern features.

  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:


  • The Mercedes GLE is available in two diesel variants namely the GLE 400d 4MATIC LWB Hip Hop Edition and the GLE 300d 4MATIC LWB.
  • The Sportier Grille design gives the car the aggression it needs.
  • The Mercedes GLA comes with Multibeam headlamps for the Hip Hop edition and the LED High-Performance headlamps for the 300d 4MATIC LWB.
  • The multifunction sports steering with Nappa leather with panels in chrome create a good grip for the driver facilitating a sporty driving style.
  • All Digital instrument display available with the Classic, Progressive and Sporty styles that help you decide which information is important.
  • Mercedes Me connect will allow you to stay in touch with the vehicle from anywhere in the world and you can obtain assistance at the touch of a button.
  • The Mercedes GLE has the feature of electronic sun blinds in the rear doors as well.
  • The velour floor mats in the Mercedes GLE adds to the interior of the car making it more elegant.
  • The THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system with 3 climate zones and 3 climate styles provides an individual feel-good atmosphere on board.

All you need to know about the Mercedes-Benz GLE

The all-new Mercedes-Benz GLE LWB has a very distinctive design and is an SUV that offers supreme comfort and space. The Mercedes GLE is a modern SUV that has carried luxury to another level. Indian roads are often uncertain and full of ups and downs. The E-Active Body Control active suspension in the GLE allows you a very smooth ride even in tough terrains.
The Mercedes GLE is available in two variants: Mercedes-Benz GLE 400d 4MATIC Hip-Hop edition and the Mercedes GLE 330d 4MATIC. The 400d hip-hop edition of the Mercedes GLE has the most powerful diesel engine in the history of Mercedes-Benz. The OM 656 in-line six-cylinder engine generates 243kw of power and 700nm of torque.
The Mercedes-Benz GLE 300d on the other hand has a 4-cylinder diesel engine that gives a lot and only takes a little. This engine creates significantly less noise and offers a great level of refinement. This OM 654 in-line four-cylinder engine produces 180 kW of power and 500 Nm torque.
The new Mercedes GLE is installed with a 9G-TRONIC transmission that helps you to shift gears and drive modes easily. The E-Captive Body Control suspension is another highlight of the GLE.
The Hip-Hop edition of the Mercedes GLE has Multibeam LED headlamps while the 300d has LED high performance LED headlamps. A panoramic sunroof is available with both the variants of the Mercedes-Benz GLE.


Pricing and Maintainance

In terms of pricing, the Mercedes-Benz GLE 300d can cost above seventy-three lakhs while the 400d Hip-Hop edition will cost one crore twenty-five lakhs. Maintaining a big SUV like GLE is mad easy by Mercedes-Benz service stations across India. A Mercedes GLE owner in Mumbai can visit the nearest Autohangar Service location.


The new Mercedes Benz GLE is available in two diesel variants: The 400d 4MATIC LWB Hip Hop edition and the GLE 300d 4MATIC LWB.
The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE has some major upgrades and looks much sportier than before. It has the new infotainment system and upgraded comfort and power making it the best SUV in its class.
You can test drive the new Mercedes Benz GLE at your nearest Autohangar Mercedes dealership. Our staff will help you know more about the car.
Yes the GLE has the Mercedes Me, that will allow you to be connected with the car from anywhere in the world and receive assistance at just a touch of the button.
Yes, the Mercedes Benz GLE has THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system with three climate zones and 3 climate styles providing a fee-good atmosphere for the people on- board.
Yes, there are sun blinds in the rear doors as well of the Mercedes-Benz GLE.

Mercedes Benz GLE vs Mercedes Benz GLS

Both these models are claimed to be the best Mercedes-Benz models, both powerful and luxurious SUV’s but the GLE beats the GLS in the space aspect. The GLE also has a longer wheelbase. The GLE is much costlier than the GLS, but the features and comfort that the car has to offer are worth the money.

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