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Mercedes Benz Maybach

Vehicle Overview

The Maybach-S-Class by Mercedes-Benz is considered as one of the most luxurious saloons in the world. The radiator-grille of the car itself announces its strong presence. The side view with chrome-trimmed bumpers make it look even more elegant. The special hallmarks after the rear doors mark the vehicle as a symbol of exquisite class. The interior of the Maybach can be defined as quietly confident. Ergonomically perfect individual seats with leg rests add to the comfort of luxury. The price of Mercedes Maybach does full justice to what the car has to offer. The rear seats of the Mercedes Maybach can be converted into a desk as per wish and then can be adjusted in reclining position once the work is done. All this is possible at the push of just a button.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach

MSRP: 19,890,000*

This Mercedes Maybach is an ultra-luxury sedan that has a longer wheelbase than the S Class. There is no other saloon that can match the grandeur of a Mercedes Maybach.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:
MSRP: 20,650,000*

This new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is both smart and comfortable. The car offers great luxury and comfort paired with some exceptional pieces of technology.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission:
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:
MSRP: 27,854,478*

Commuting in a car like the Mercedes-Benz Maybach can be the most comforting feeling ever. This Mercedes-Maybach is powered by a 5980cc engine and tonnes of other exclusive features.

  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Color: Multiple
  • Drive Type:


  • The Mercedes Maybach engine offers driving pleasure with responsibility and refinement as well. Available with the V8 and V12 engines, the Maybach includes efficient technologies for maximum refinement.
  • Transmission types awarded with the Maybach are the 9G- Tronic, the 9-speed automatic transmission that helps to change gears quickly and the 7G- Tronic Plus, 7-speed transmission providing a high level of comfort.
  • The AIRMATIC air suspension and the Crosswind assist are some of the key features available with the Mercedes Maybach.
  • ENERGIZING comfort control combines various in-vehicle comfort systems into precisely defined Programmes for enhanced alertness and well-being during a journey.
  • The rear seats of the Mercedes Maybach are climatised to offer crispness on hot days and warmth on cold days.
  • The Memory Package of the Maybach is a great feature making operations easy especially if the car is used by different people.
  • The Rear Seat entertainment system offers first-class entertainment in the second row of the car. You can have access to films, DVD, internet and video games on the move.
  • The Chauffeur package offers more space in the car. The passenger seat can move up to 77mm further into the so-called chauffeur position enabling more space for the passenger seated at the rear.
  • The THERMOTRONIC controls the individual temperature in two zones. You and your front passenger can thus set your preferred climate independently of one another.

All you need to know about the Mercedes-Benz Maybach

If you think that the S-Class has enough luxury, try the Mercedes-Benz Maybach. If luxury ever had a definition, then Mercedes Maybach could be it. Maybach was an individual luxury provider, founded in 1909 and today holds a very firm place in the Mercedes-Benz family. The price of the Mercedes Maybach is higher than the S-Class, but the comfort offered makes it worth it.
The S560 and S650 are the two editions of the Mercedes Maybach offered in India. It is a perfect chauffeur driven car for celebrities and business tycoons.
It was the year 1997 when Daimler presented a concept of the Maybach at the Tokyo Motor Show. The models, Maybach 57 and Maybach 62 were introduced to the world as long luxury sedans. In 2005, the 57S variant was added which was powered by a 6.0 L V8 bi-turbo engine that produced 450 kW of power and 1000nm of torque and some cosmetic changes.
During that time, Daimler had predicted an estimated sale of 2,000 Mercedes Maybach’s per year but ended up selling on 157 which was very less when compared to the competitor Rolls-Royce that sold over 2,700 cars.
In the year 2011, Mercedes-Benz also announced that they would stop the production of Maybach and manufactured the last Maybach in December 2012. Poor sales had forced such a situation for a car that was way ahead of its time. 2015, is when the company revived the Maybach and introduced it as the upgraded version of the S-Class. With the price of Mercedes Maybach higher than the S- Class, the car was now all loaded to take on other ultra-luxury saloons.
The production of the Mercedes Maybach began in India in 2015 making us the second country to produce a Maybach.

Maybach Today!

Today, Maybach is a part of Mercedes-Benz. It was founded in 1909 and the company was called Luftfahrzeug-Motorenbau GmbH until 1999. In 2015, Maybach became a sub-brand of Mercedes- Benz which is owned by Daimler AG.
Daimler AG now uses the Mercedes Maybach batch for the ultra-luxury variants of the Mercedes- Benz S-Class.

Pricing and Maintainance!

The Mercedes-Benz Maybach is the most luxurious offering car by Mercedes-Benz in India. The comfort, features, and safety that the car offers are of the highest quality. The car is more of a chauffeur-driven car but provides an amazing driving experience as well.
When it comes to maintenance, the brand name Mercedes-Benz itself has set a quality benchmark for luxury and ultra-luxury cars around the world. Maintaining the Mercedes-Benz Maybach is not that expensive either when compared to all the other cars in the same segment.
Through the Mercedes-Benz network of service centers, you need not worry about the maintenance part. If you are a Mercedes-Benz Maybach owner in Mumbai, then you can drive your car to the nearest Autohangar Mercedes-Benz authorized service center.
The price of the Mercedes-Maybach depends on the variant. The starting price of the Mercedes- Maybach is a little above two crore rupees. It may seem expensive but does full justice to its price tag.


The price of the Mercedes Maybach is a little over two crore rupees but that is justified for the features and the luxury, the car has to offer. It is probably one of the best saloons in the world at that price.
The Mercedes Maybach is a different class altogether. It offers utmost comfort to the driver as well as the passengers. The interiors, as well as the exteriors, are such that they make the car stand out and shine. The Mercedes Maybach is simply luxury at its best.

You can buy the Mercedes Maybach from your nearest Autohangar Showroom. We help our buyers make the right choices and back it up with flawless after-sales services.

The Mercedes Maybach is a special car. It has all the necessary features of a luxury saloon. Mercedes Maybach is a true meaning of luxury with a rich exterior, comfort-driven interiors, and the best technology.
For a car that facilitates high-quality luxury, safety comes hand in hand. The Mercedes Maybach is loaded with tonnes of safety features to safeguard drivers as well as passengers from unfortunate accidents.
The Mercedes Maybach is an ultra-luxury saloon, and the price does full justice to what the car has to offer. The price of the Mercedes Maybach is higher than the S-Class but worth it.
Two variants of the Mercedes Maybach are available in India, namely the Mercedes-Benz Maybach S560 and the Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650.
You can test drive the Mercedes-Benz Maybach at your nearest Autohangar Mercedes Showroom. Connect with us.
The Maybach is an ultra-luxury segment of Mercedes-Benz, while the AMG is more of a performance segment.

Maybach Vs Mercedes S Class

Both the Maybach and the S-Class are technologically advanced and luxurious sedans by the German brand Mercedes-Benz. The S-Class is a premium luxury sedan that offers just the right amount of comfort to the driver and the passenger. The Maybach, on the other hand, is an ultra-luxury sedan defining chauffeur-driven cars.

From the exteriors, both the cars might look the same but based on the engine and interiors but the Maybach is way ahead of the standard S-Class.
Mercedes-Benz Maybach is designed in a way that, the riders are always entertained. From a video screen to comfortable seating, the Mercedes Maybach has it all. The rear seats have a folding table, Champagne flutes, and a refrigerator compartment as well.
The regular S-Class has a 3L, V6 6-cylinder engine while the mighty Maybach is powered by 6L, 12 cylinder V8 petrol engine. Both have automatic transmissions, but the Maybach produces more power than the standard S-Class. The Maybach also has a longer wheelbase.

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