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Don’t Make These Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Mistakes

Ownership of a Mercedes-Benz, which is the epitome of luxury, sophistication and comfort is a dream come true for any car enthusiast. However, buying the three-pointed star is one thing and proper maintenance of it is quite another. 

The German auto giant has, over many years, delivered high-performance models for the sheer driving pleasure of its customers. But there are several Mercedes maintenance mistakes people often make that can minimize the joyful journey of riding the prestigious vehicle. The good news is that you can prevent them easily and run your Mercedes-Benz for years to come without any hiccups. How? Read on to find out. 

Neglecting Regular Maintenance

It is fun to ride a luxury car like Mercedes-Benz. Undoubtedly, nothing beats advanced engineering and state of the art technology that provides a superlative experience every time. To maximize and maintain the optimum level of performance, regular maintenance of the vehicle is a must. Ignoring or neglecting the service schedules can lead to unnecessary problems. 

Another Mercedes maintenance mistake is ignoring the early signs of maintenance issues. For example, you might notice a strange sound while starting the vehicle or slight discomfort in the steering wheel while driving. These minor issues should be dealt with before it escalates into bigger problems and costly repairs. 

The best option to prevent Mercedes maintenance problems is to contact the authorized Mercedes service centre. You can get best-in-class service at the state of the art workshops with the help of a certified and highly qualified professional team. Regular maintenance and inspection by skilled technicians will help in identifying and solving issues in quick time. Also, it makes financial sense, in the long run, to get Mercedes maintenance issues checked by professionals. 

Cheap Spare Parts

One of the common Mercedes maintenance mistakes is the use of cheap spare parts whenever repair and maintenance issues arise. These parts, often without warranty, can affect the functioning of the other parts and systems in the luxury vehicle. Therefore, always opt for quality over cost. This can be further extended to the purchase and use components like tyres and car care products. Using cheap products can affect the performance of the Mercedes-Benz car. 

The authorized Mercedes-Benz service centre offers genuine parts, approved tyres and car care products that are developed and tested to maintain the vehicle performance at an optimum level always. Moreover, the efficient processes at certified service centres save a lot of time. 

Fluid Levels

Various types of fluid help in the smooth functioning of a Mercedes-Benz car. It includes transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and windshield fluid. Other fluids such as AC coolant and oil are also used. It is important to monitor the fluid levels at regular intervals, otherwise it can affect the engine performance. An authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer will recommend only the best product that suits your vehicle and maximizes performance. 


Poorly maintained Mercedes-Benz models can have reduced fuel efficiency. Regular maintenance can help in achieving peak fuel efficiency, which in turn, will prevent regular visits to petrol/diesel pumps and helps in saving money as well. Additionally, you can take long road trips without any worries. 


When you buy a Mercedes-Benz car, it signifies that you have arrived in life. It is a moment of pride for you and your family to drive the luxurious vehicle. For the Mercedes-Benz car to forever perform at its best, avoid taking it to workshops that are not authorized and certified by the brand itself. The advanced technology, latest tools, and qualified mechanics at certified service centres will find out all the Mercedes maintenance issues fast and provide complete solutions faster

Auto Hangar is one of the leading Mercedes-Benz dealerships in India. The authorized service centre provides world-class maintenance services, warranty features and excellent packages as well. For the full range of services and other information, contact us at any time. 

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May 12, 2022
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