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Monsoon Car Care Tips & Checklist for Mercedes Benz

As monsoon brings a much-needed respite from the sweltering summer heat, it can just as easily turn into a nightmare for car owners, especially for luxury cars like Mercedes. Think about all that mud, and water, and difficult driving conditions. So, this time before the monsoon completely engulfs your life, get your monsoon car maintenance out. The simple thing about luxury cars like Mercedes is that they need regular servicing.

This is mostly contained to the yearly servicing your car requires, although it is always better to get a monsoon to check up done in order to escape sticky situations. Just imagine your car stopping in the middle of the road in heavy rain just because you forgot to get the tires checked, now that’ll be irritating and an inconvenience. So here is your monsoon car care tips for your Mercedes-Benz.

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  • Tires – Before driving your Mercedes in heavy rainfall get those tire threads checked. The chances of accidents increase during monsoon due to the decreased friction between the tire and the road with all the water and other car fluids mixing. Things are much more slippery. The tiny threads on your tire help to keep a good grip on the road and that is why it is imperative for them to be in place.  
  • Brakes – Get those brakes checked as well. As mentioned, due to the water-slicked roads the chances of your vehicle skidding are much higher and hence your brakes should be on point in case you need to stop your car immediately. Loose breaks might be calling for trouble.
  • Restock of the Car wax and polish – Keep your car parked in a shed. Rainwater has a tendency to affect the exterior of your car, fading the paint or leaving dirty patches when the water dries. Luxury cars like Mercedes require their car wax and polish to maintain that luxury car shine you paid so much for.
  • Wipers and windscreens – Wipers play an important role during monsoon, clearing up the windshield for you to see clearly while you drive. Get them to check as well and make sure they’re in proper condition.
  • Headlights and Fog Lights – make sure the external wires of these are well insulated and they’re in proper working condition. During heavy rain, the fog lights and headlights help illuminate the road for you to see better, decreasing the chances of accidents and crashes.
  • Spare Tyre – Always keep a spare as finding someone to help on a rainy night or even day will turn out to be tougher than you would expect. 

Do not ignore small checkups like these if you want to avoid bigger issues later on. Always remember, getting the smaller things checked is better than having to get a total car maintenance & repair. That’ll be costly especially if you own a Mercedes.

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October 5, 2021
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