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7 Reasons why you should buy a GLE 400d over a GLE 300d!

7 Reasons why you should buy a GLE 400d over a GLE 300d!

Amongst the Indian car enthusiasts, the GLE segment of the Mercedes-Benz is known as the E-Class of
SUV’s. The GLE 400d and the GLE 300d are two of the most appreciated Mercedes-Benz SUV’s in the
Indian market. GLE as a segment has evolved quite a lot over the years. Here we talk about the two
exclusive variants, the GLE 400d and the GLE 300d . Both these cars almost look and feel the same, but
some differences will make luxury car buyers lean more towards the GLE 400d. Here are some
reasons to consider buying the GLE 400d over the 300d.

Engine Capacity

The GLE 400d will overpower the 300d any day with its 3 litres inline-six engine in comparison with
the 2 litres inline-four engine. It has a much bigger engine than the 300d delivering excellent
performance. The 3 litres inline-six engine that drives the GLE 400d is also renowned to be the best
engine in the industry.

Extreme Power and torque
Having a bigger engine means that the GLE 400d produces more power than the 300d. According to the charts, the Mercedes-Benz 400d produces 330 horsepower, and the 300d produces 245 horsepower which is a difference of a massive 85 hp. The 400d also dominates in terms of torque and produces an impressive 700Nm of torque while the 300d produces just 500Nm.
The suspension is one of the most essential aspects of Indian luxury cars. For the 400d, Mercedes- Benz claims to have the best suspension in the industry. The 300d has the Agility Control suspension while the 400d has Air Body Control suspension that improves the drive quality and performs well even on rough terrains.
The Mercedes-Benz 400d also comes with powerful Multibeam LED headlamps with a total of 84 LED’s that illuminate the roads like none other. On the other hand, the 300d has a high-performance LED’s. The Multibeam headlamps of the 400d are anti-dazzle and are more precise. The headlamps also have navigation assisted light function for roundabouts.
Tyre Size
The 400d has a 20’ tyre while the 300d has the 19 inches. There is not much difference, but yes tyre size does matter a lot for luxury SUV’s. The larger the tyres, the more the stability and better grip on the highways.
Better viewing is always vital for an SUV, especially while parking in tight spaces. The 400d does not fail to impress here as well. The 360 degree surrounding camera provides the perfect angles necessary for parking. The 300d just has a wide-angle rear camera which is great but not that helpful.
Yes, the Mercedes-Benz 400d costs almost 16 lakhs more than the 300d, but on resale, you will also gain around 8 lakhs more than the 300d. This makes it just eight lakhs expensive, which is worth it for the features available.

So, if you wish to buy a 300d, it is highly recommended to push your budget a bit further and get an SUV loaded with advanced features. You can visit your nearest Autohangar Mercedes dealership and
know more about the Mercedes-Benz GLE 400d.

November 28, 2020
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