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8 Reasons Why you shouldn’t avoid Mercedes-Benz car care products

Mercedes-Benz is a premium luxury car with extraordinary features. It’s a big task to maintain and take regular care of it. Most people avoid taking care of cars. But luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz need care at regular intervals to make it sustainable for a long time. Likewise, most people opt for normal car care products for Mercedes. As they feel, after all it’s just a car. But in the long term, it doesn’t serve the purpose. As it will deteriorate the overall efficiency.

Mercedes Benz service center Mumbai provides car care products designed to serve this car. They primarily help in fuel efficiency, regular changing oil, coolants, and radiator fluid and thus help car overall efficiency. Just like health checkups, regular car care helps in the loss of huge money. In the long term, it helps increase the value of reselling.

Some of the products for car care of Mercedes-Benz. Here mercedes benz service center mumbai provides one stop solution for car care

Mercedes quick and clean combo pack:

Mercedes Benz has introduced a dry wash product for Home use. It’s a full package solution that is used for interior or exterior.

Mercedes-Benz Interior car-kit:

It’s a one-stop solution for interior cleaning. It consists of cockpit solutions for leather, fabric, and plastics. The cockpit solution is ingrained with an anti-static effect solution that doesn’t allow the dust to settle. Interior windscreen cleaners have anti misting properties that help in excellent cleaning. Lastly, there are two cleaners namely Car Care Cloth and interior glass sponge. 

How to use

 Clean the cockpit of your Star with the Mercedes-Benz Cockpit Lotion. The anti-static effect keeps your Star clean and dust-free.

  • It can easily wipe away nicotine, dust, and grease with one application of the Mercedes-Benz Windscreen Cleaner.
  • Use the Mercedes-Benz Car Care Cloth and Sponge to wipe away any residual dirt.

Mercedes-Benz Exterior car care kit:

The Mercedes exterior kit consists of three things namely Mercedes-Benz shampoo, the Mercedes-Benz wheel cleaner, and cloth. The shampoo consists of phosphate-free detergents that give effective cleaning. The wheel cleaner removes brake dust, oil deposits, other road grime, etc. Meanwhile, cloth and sponge is made of soft fabric to clean the wheel of the star

How to use

  • Mix 25 ml of your Mercedes-Benz shampoo with 5 liters of water for a sparkling Star.
  • Clean your wheels with the Mercedes-Benz Wheel Cleaner, which dissolves fouling like oil deposits and road grime in a single go.
  • Complete your car care with a sponge and cloth designed to clean the wheels and exterior surfaces of your Star.

 Mercedes-Benz Premium car care kit:

This is a premium car care kit that consists of products for exterior and interior cleaning. In this, we have an interior and exterior car care kit. The interior kit includes cockpit solution, Textile upholstery cleaner, and leather care foam. Some of the features are:

  • The shampoo is made foamless and gives a sparkling clean.
  • Similarly, Wheel cleaner removes stubborn stains.
  • Another one is a glass cleaner that can clean the window glasses as well as the front and rear windscreen.
  • The windscreen washer cleans headlamp lenses, front, and rear windscreens. 

What services does Autohangar give?

Here Mercedes Benz service center Mumbai provides one stop solution for car care. Some of the services are:

Premier express: We provide exemplary services with experienced expert technicians that help you in finding the right solution for your car in a short period.

Genuine parts: We provide genuine parts that give a warranty of 2 years that can be claimed at any Mercedes-Benz center.

Approved tires: Here we provide approved tires that help in improved efficiency and overall performance.

Mobilo: The Mobilo provides a 24*7 support system. They provide services such as vehicle towing facility, replacement vehicles, hotel accommodation & more.

Car care products:  We provide car care products that are environmentally friendly and take complete care of the car.

Mercedes adapter: With a swipe on your mobile, you can access the tab on the journey, location, mileage, and essential vehicle data. 

Body and paint: We provide complete body paint services that will restore damage and dent of the car. 

AMG service center: AMG service center provides state-of-the-art services with experienced technicians that serve around the clock.

So above are the care products for Mercedes-Benz. Here Mercedes Benz service center Mumbai provides one stop solution for car care.  Auto Hangar Mercedes car center is one of the largest Mercedes-Benz dealerships, providing a world-class buying experience for more than two decades. For more information, you can find it on our website or call us for assistance.

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June 16, 2022
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