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5 Car Fluids You Should Check at Regular Intervals

If you are a Mercedes-Benz owner, there are some measures you should take to continue enjoying the pleasures of driving such a magnificent luxury car. One of them is to check the card fluids at regular intervals. Because if you don’t, it may eventually lead to maintenance issues, lack power and also breakdowns. 

Car fluids play a key role in keeping up the many important functions of the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to check, change and fulfil the car fluid requirements on a regular basis. Find out five such car fluids you should check.

1. Car engine oil

The engine is the most important part of your Mercedes-Benz car, and it has many moving parts. Car engine oil is required in sufficient quantity for proper lubrication and working of the engine parts. You can check the engine oil by opening up the hood and dipping a dipstick into the tank. If it is lower than the safe levels, add engine oil. 

2. Transmission fluid

Similar to the engine, transmission fluid maintains the lubrication necessity of the parts in the mechanical system. Your Mercedes-Benz has a dipstick for transmission fluid check. Similar to the process mentioned for the engine compartment, open the transmission system compartment and measure the fluid level. Besides, you can also assess the quality of the fluid for a burned smell, visible particles or pink look. If that’s the case, fluid needs to be changed. 

3. Brake Fluid

The brake fluid assists in the effective braking system and its components. It is very important because bad braking function can cause accidents and unknown mishaps. Thus, adequate levels of brake fluid is a must. Generally, the brake fluid is present in the back of the engine compartment. The car must have close to a half-inch of the cap of fluid level. If you find the brake fluid dark, change it as soon as possible. 

4. Radiator fluid 

Radiator helps in protecting your engine from overheating by absorbing and distributing the heat to the atmosphere. Else, overheating can easily damage the engine parts. Always check the radiator fluid tank and fill it if you can’t see it. 

5. Windshield/Wiper fluid

Wiper fluid is one of the most common fluids present in a car, and everyone can easily find it upfront. However, not many people notice and care for it. But it is important because lack of a properly working wiper can affect your driving during the rainy season. 

These are 5 major car fluids you must check regularly. Also, always visit the authorized and certified Mercedes service centre only to get tested and approved operating fluids for your Mercedes-Benz car. This is because all the fluids – car engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, radiator fluid, coolant fluid, wiper fluid are created to work well with the luxury car components. Not using approved fluid may cause irreversible damage. 

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January 28, 2022
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