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How to Tell When Your Brakes Need Service?

The brake is an important safety component in a car. Most people take brake service leniently and  eventually lead to serious accidents. So it needs to be taken seriously and regular brake servicing should be done to avoid serious damages. Sometimes people are aware of it but are not able to recognize the early signs. Below we have listed a few pointers to help you identify early warning signs of brake replacement

  1. High-pitched Screeching:  The High pitched screeching while applying brakes indicates brakes need servicing. This is due to brake pads getting worn or getting thin. Sometimes the sound is due to moisture building between the motor and pads and eventually gets solved using it a few times. But this should be examined by an expert technician and they will guide you in this.
  1. Visible wear-and-tear: Mostly wear and tear happens due to general, day-to-day use, plus mileage incurred, the surrounding environment, and the personal driving habits of the owner. Depending on the driver’s habit, front brakes wear out in 30,000-60,000 miles and back brakes wear out in 60,000-100,000 miles.Sometime through visual inspection,the driver can understand the faultiness of the brake. 
  1. Screeching despite New Pads: Despite changing the pads, the screeching of brakes doesn’t abate. This may be due to a glazed motor caused by excessive braking that heats up and burns the metal.
  1. Brake Pedal Vibration: One of the reasons for brake pedal vibration is because of a brake rotor that is the rotating disc brake pads pressed against the calipers to slow the wheel that eventually results in getting worn.
  1. Slow stopping response: When a sudden brake is applied the foot brake and emergency brake are used. Even if we want to apply the brakes it responds slowly. If this happens, it can be dangerous to you and others. The slow stopping response can be because of a liquid leak or an air leak in the brake hose. Ignoring this can be fatal to your car. So it’s better to replace the brake or do brake servicing for the car to run smoothly
  1. Sensitive brakes: This can happen when excessive brake fluid escapes the reservoir and applies pressure to the caliper pistons. Other reasons can be contaminated brake pads and rotors. This may lead to accidents involving drivers and other people.. . 
  1. Oil Puddle: The easiest way to check the brake is failed by checking the leakage of brake fluid. This can be easily checked if there is a motor oil puddle while parking. Mostly it’s because of brake drainage.It’s best to check with expert technicians that do brake servicing. 
  1. Pulling To One SideThe car pulling to one side while braking is due to brake failure. A sticking caliper or a fault with a wheel cylinder makes the brake on one side to grab harder than that on the other so that the car veers to one side. It’s better for an expert technician to run a preliminary check on the brake to ascertain if the brake needs to be changed or not. 
  1. Heavy Grinding Sounds: Heavy grinding sound happens when the brake disc and the caliper are rubbing together. This sound may also come when you stop it or you step on the accelerator. Other reasons are due to rubble or stone stuck between the caliper and rotor. This problem can be fixed readily, but  not removing it can damage the brake pipes and other parts. If you brake suddenly you will hear a heavy grinding sound which is caused by the Anti-locking braking system. It prevents wheel lock-ups and skidding. It’s better to do brake replacement by an expert technician to prevent future accidents.
  1. Brake Light on: If the brake light is on, you either need regular maintenance or there is a serious issue. It can also be due to low brake fluid, the emergency brake is activated, there’s trouble within the ABS unit, or there’s a problem with the sensors. This can be solved by brake replacement or servicing  that will ensure car lifespan.
  1. Burning smell: If you encounter a strong chemical smell, it is because of overheated brakes. It’s better to pull over and allow the brakes to cool so that it doesn’t damage the brake. Suppose if smoke is coming from the wheel, it’s because the brake caliper is malfunctioning and locked in place. Then also it’s better to do brake servicing with experts to avoid any incidents.

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Experiencing braking issues?

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June 16, 2022
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