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Car Wheel Alignment: The Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment

Luxury cars indeed give a superior driving experience with their impeccable engineering, superlative comfort and envious design. However, as a luxury car owner, it is important to know that a car is a complex system with many moving and interconnected parts. This implies that one affected part can impact the working of other connected parts, ultimately leading to breakdown or maintenance issues. Incorrect car wheel alignment is one of the problems that often plague cars and need urgent attention when detected. 

Understanding Car Wheel Alignment

Your car consists of a suspension system that connects the vehicle body to the four wheels. It has multiple importance as it helps in maintaining contact with the road and avoid stress and wear on tyres, steering and brakes. Additionally, proper car wheel alignment provides extra stability while driving, improves tyre life and boosts overall handling as well as performance. 

Car wheel alignment is mainly about the wheel or tyre angles which need to be proper when they come in contact with the road. It is often disturbed due to various reasons such as sudden impact crossing potholes on the road, collisions and hitting a curb hard. As there is no visible damage that occurs, people often tend to ignore the impact. 

Another major and common reason for car wheel misalignment is the incorrect alignment done by workshops or service repair centres. This is the reason it is important to check the car wheel alignment with the help of a qualified technician if you notice certain signs.

Signs of Incorrect Car Wheel Alignment

Some of the well-known and easy to understand signs of incorrect car wheel alignment are discussed:

Car pulling to left or right – While driving your car on a flat road, if you notice it pulling to the left or right, then it is a case of incorrect wheel alignment.

Steering wheel vibration – Alignment issues can cause vibration on the steering wheel while driving at high speeds. Also, this can indicate much deeper suspension related problems and tyre wear.

Tyre wear – Tyre wear is often observed when misalignment happens. In most cases, one tyre is worn out more than the other. In addition, too much wear on the inside and outside edge of a tyre is noticed.

Benefits of Car Wheel Alignment

It is advised to check the car wheel alignment every 5000 kilometres, and whenever you change the tyre. There are many benefits which are discussed.

Correct car wheel alignment improves fuel efficiency as the engine works harder to move the vehicle forward when the wheels are not in proper contact with the road. Secondly, it provides a better and safe driving experience to the driver as well as occupants. Finally, it increases the life of the tyre and helps in saving money on the expensive new tyre.

If you notice car wheel alignment issues on your Mercedes-Benz car, you can visit the Auto Hangar Mercedes service centre in Mumbai. We are one of the leading dealerships of the Mercedes-Benz brand for more than 25 years, with a highly qualified team of professionals and technicians. For more details, contact us today.

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February 2, 2022
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