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Accessories for Your Mercedes Benz: Must-Haves

If you’ve bought a Mercedes Benz, you’d also want to invest in the latest gadgetry that the three-point star brand has to offer. The global luxury car brand is known to manufacture the most exquisite, state-of-the-art luxury cars in the automotive space that capture an essence of extravagance and finesse in their design aesthetics and elaborate interiors. One of the many reasons why the Mercedes Benz E-Class and Mercedes S-Class have been rated so highly as futuristic, avant-garde cars is because of the edgy and top-tier gadgetry embodied in the front and rear luxury cabins of these cars. In fact, all Mercedes Benz cars flaunt an extensive range of features and pieces of equipment in the interior of the car, including massive digital dashboards, touch-sensitive and voice-sensitive consoles, touchpads, center pads, and more. If you are looking to upgrade your Mercedes Benz by incorporating some stellar stuff from the archive of the Mercedes car accessories at the Mercedes workshop in Mumbai, read on to know what are the top picks!

The luxury car brand has pushed the envelope in the infotainment sphere of the Indian automotive industry, with a next-gen entertainment system and intuitive information panels that offer a massive range of data to assist your driving experience. Mercedes Benz introduced the MBUX system, which has been a milestone for the brand in revolutionizing maneuverability while driving. With the MBUX system, you can customize your car and your driving experience as and how you wish to by scrolling through a distinctive range of settings, seating options, ambient lighting, speaker functions, vehicular data, climate control, and more, thus, the MBUX system is a game-changing accessory for your car if you don’t already have one in your Mercedes Benz. Apart from the infotainment system, you can check out the following Mercedes car accessories to upgrade your car significantly. 

Cabin Fragrances 

One of the first things that catch the attention of a person in a car is the fragrance of the car. A luxury car such as a Mercedes Benz deserves a luxurious scent. One of the most popular cabin fragrances for Mercedes Benz vehicles is the Boxiti Nightlife mood interior perfume. You can find a variety of cabin perfumes for your car at the nearest Mercedes Benz service center in Mumbai among the many other Mercedes car accessories to choose from. 

Tempered Glass Screen Protector 

Since the MBUX system comes with dual digital screens that are super intuitive yet breakable, you may want to take protective measures to ensure zero breakage and wear and tear on your expensive dashboard. You can do so by choosing the Littrain Tempered Glass Screen Protector at your nearest Mercedes Benz service center in Mumbai. This tempered glass safeguards your Mercedes Benz infotainment screen from dust, scratches, and cracks. This Mercedes car accessory is one of the most essential accessories that you must have to protect the precious interiors of your car. 

CarQiWireless Wireless Car Charger 

The wireless car charger is compatible with the latest smartphones and tablets that are commercially available today. Most Mercedes Benz come equipped with wireless charging portals, however, if yours is an older version, you can upgrade your car by purchasing the CarQiWireless Wireless Car Charger. You can find many more such beneficial Mercedes car accessories at an authorized Mercedes workshop in Mumbai

Illuminated Front Grille Star 

Mercedes Benz offers a distinctive range of customization and configuration options at an authorized Mercedes Benz service center Mumbai with which you can change the look of your car entirely. You can change the badging of the Benz symbol as well as the type of grille that you’d like on your Mercedes Benz car to upgrade and fancify the exteriors. You can also check out the Illuminated Front Grille Star that shines extravagantly in the dark.  

You can also shop for some essential Mercedes car accessories like cabin mats, seat covers, touchpads, interior fridge, rear cabin safe, and more to make your luxurious Mercedes Benz even more luxurious and opulent. Head on to your nearest Mercedes Benz service center in Mumbai to check out the list of the latest Mercedes car accessories for your three-point star. Happy shopping! 

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September 16, 2022
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