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What To Do If You Have Water Damage In Your Mercedes Benz?Mercedes service center

As monsoon strikes, most Mercedes Benz owners are left wondering what must one do to avoid any car damages that the rains drag along and if damage prevails, what combating measures should one take. Let’s briefly run through the answer to the first question.

Despite not being seasoned professionals equipped with the dexterity to fix water damages in a luxury car, you can shield your car by getting acquintained with some precautionary measures like, first and foremost, staying on top of your Mercedes servicing schedule. It is pivotal to get your car checked and water-proofed at your nearest Mercedes Service Center before monsoon hits. You must also always keep spare tires and other essential parts handy in case of a stranded situation. It is crucial that you purchase essential car accessories from an authorized Mercedes Benz workshop that are legitimate, credible and fairly priced. 

Here are a few ways to scrutinize your car for monsoon-prone damages: 

  1. Check for any smell indicating rust or decay 

It is imperative to check open your engine, tires, exhausts or any other part of the car if you pick even the slightest smell of smoke, chemical leakage or rust. The smell may be an indication of rust caused by wet or damp conditions that exist during the rainy season. You can have a professional at a Mercedes Benz Workshop in case you identify rusting in any part of your Mercedes. 

2. Tap out moisture 

We tend to leave our cars locked for several days during the rainy season. With no ventilation reaching the car, there may be scope for excessive interior moisture that may damage the premium leather seats or car floor rugs. It is imperative that you scrub through the clothes and leather interiors of the car to ensure that there’s no accumulation of moisture anywhere. A water damage car can be fixed without any hassle at your nearest Mercedes Benz showroom. 

3. Thorough hood-to-boot checks

If you’ve taken your Mercedes Benz for a spin in the rain, it is crucial that you open up the hood, the boot space, underseat spaces and other interiors of the car to check for any sign of corrosion or rust. This step is pivotal to avoid a water damage car. 

Things you can do to fix Water damage car:

  1. Ventilate your car on frequent time intervals

It is important that you do not let moisture take shelter inside your car. To do so, you must dry off your vehicle thoroughly by keeping the boot, hood and doors of your car wide open for longer durations and let the air pass out. Ensure that you’re drying your car in a place that is not damp or wet at all. If you want to dodge the hassles, you can simply take your car to the nearest authorized Mercedes servicing workshop and get your water damage car dried and cleaned. 

2. Dismantle the tactile parts of your car 

This may be a tricky task to do, thus, if you don’t know your way around a car, its advisable that you do not shoulder this tedious challenge. If you think that there may be waterlogging anywhere in your car, you can dismantle the parts easily accessible to the exterior environment and dry them out with a clean cloth. You can simply choose the easiest route to get this done by leaving it to the pros at an authorized Mercedes servicing center. 

To get the most comprehensive and hassle-free water damage care services, head to your nearest Auto Hangar Mercedes workshop and unlock monsoon safety!

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July 25, 2022
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