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Accessories and Gadgets that go with Mercedes C-Class, E-Class, S-Class

Accessories are something that adds to the comfort and also the overall look and feel of your Mercedes. There are many accessory and gadget options available at your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer.


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Listing some of the mercedes gadgets and accessories that could make your comfort machine even more comfortable:-

Sun -Shades
Sunshade is a very important accessory when it comes to Indian conditions, where in some areas the heat becomes unbearable and the heat entering through all the glass elements of the car can also cause the interior of the cars to heat up.
Sun-shades are available for the windows, windshield, sunroof or else you can buy the entire kit for your Mercedes from the Mercedes showroom itself. There are many designs available for sun -shades.
Floor Mats
Your car must have the right floor mats so that the interiors of your car can be maintained well. A floor mat should be always washable, so all the dirt from your feet can be easily cleaned off and the quality of luxury can be intact.
The floor mats are available in pairs for front and rear footwells.
Passenger Seat Technology Upgrades
While the person driving the Mercedes can enjoy the drive experience of a refined Mercedes engine, the passenger behind can be a part of the fun with simple upgrades like an Ipad mount, foldable table or a universal hook.
You could also get these upgrades done from a Mercedes Showroom nearby.
Door Light Projector
If you own a Mercedes and want to give it more fine look to your dream car, then you can add an upgrade like the door light projector. Whenever the door of your Mercedes is opened, the three-pointed star logo of the Mercedes is projected on the floor. How cool is that! This gadget is a replacement to the conventional door lights installed at the bottom.
The projecting gadget is based upon LED technology and consumes very low power. It may not require power from the car too.
Car Cover
Car cover is something very important especially in India if you have a high-end car like a Mercedes-Benz. Protecting your car from undesirable weather conditions, avoiding scratches from the kids in your locality and also avoiding theft to a certain extent is what makes a cover very important. You can find a great quality official Mercedes Car cover at the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer showroom.If you live around Mumbai, then Autohangar is a Mercedes dealership to look out for.

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October 5, 2021
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