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Mercedes-Benz Car Detailing: What to expect?

The Mercedes Benz cars series have been an incredibly striking amalgamation of opulent comfort and luxury, with an abundance of state-of-the-art equipment, products, and gadgetry incorporated into the interiors of the cars.  And thus, it is obvious that the Mercedes Benz may not be the easiest car to maintain, with such intricacy and delicacy in the exterior as well as the interior. That’s why most Mercedes Benz owners rely on the Mercedes Benz service center in Mumbai for complete car detailing. Unsure what car detailing typically entails? Read on to find out! 

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is the professional art and craft involving the cleaning and restoring of a luxury car. It is a process of retrieving the like-new condition of a car through intense maintenance and servicing. All authorized Mercedes workshops in Mumbai are equipped with the necessary acumen and professional gear for full-fledged Mercedes Benz detailing. The difference between a regular car service and a car detailing service is that the car detailing service is not automated at all. In fact, it is more labor-intensive and requires the ideal team of professionals to handle the car skillfully while restoring its brand-new condition. On the contrary, routine servicing is a more primary and automated process involving large-scale machinery that cleanses, rinses and dust off your car with minimal human efforts. 

Mercedes Benz detailing includes a personalized process for the intense cleansing and maintenance of Mercedes Benz cars exclusively. Since these luxury vehicles are much more delicate and fragile than other cars, the staff at the Mercedes Benz service center in Mumbai is familiar with the vehicle and ensures complete and effective cleaning of the same with zero damage. Mercedes Benz detailing commences with the thorough, comprehensive analysis of your car. All the dents, scratches and wearing off of the car are studied and effective remedies are applied. With several high-tech solutions at the Mercedes workshop in Mumbai, the detailing is as precise as it can be. 

Furthermore, at the authorized Mercedes Benz service center Mumbai, the Mercedes Benz detailing is carried out with the most high-end products to resolve engine issues, or exterior scratches and dents. After the thorough analysis, the exterior of the car is scrutinized and fixed step by step. The car is washed and dried, so that all major issues with the paint and body of the car are visible once the dust is off. The rims, handles and glasses of the car are hand washed intensely for a spik and span look. A clay bar is then used to remove contaminated areas of the exterior like overspray and residue. The exterior of the car is waxed and polished with the most premium quality products that are available at the Mercedes Benz service center Mumbai for Mercedes Benz detailing exclusively. 

Another round of polishing is then carried off by the professional technicians at the Mercedes Benz workshop. This second round of polishing is done to ensure no spots are left uncleaned in the exterior of your three-point star. A coating of protective wax is applied on the exterior of the car to prevent it from rusting or depreciating overtime. As the paint of your car reacts with the external environment, dust and mud, it naturally wears off. However, it is a proven fact that cars that are serviced well frequently retrieve the high-quality of the exterior paint for several years of usage. The interiors of the car are also cleaned intensively with high-tech equipment to retain the original condition of leather seats, center console, carpets, cushions, covers and all the other aspects of your interior. Protective coating is also applied in the interiors of the car to prevent it from rusting or losing its shine over time. 

You too can take your Mercedes Benz for a car detailing if it is dusty and needs a bit of repairing around the corners. Be assured that you’ll drive back a brand new Mercedes after the team of experts at the authorized Mercedes Benz workshop has performed a complete car detailing for you. You can also personalize the services that are included in car detailing as per your requirements. 

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September 16, 2022
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