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What is the best Mercedes SUV to buy in 2021?

When it comes to driving and comfort, nothing beats an SUV. They’re stronger, bigger, and better in every aspect, whether it is the engine, the cabin space, or the driving experience. But you know what is even better than an SUV? It’s a luxury SUV made by one of the biggest German carmakers, aka Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Benz is one of the automobile giants that has been producing luxury cars for over a century, and with every new update and model of theirs, you witness a whole new level of automobile luxury and technology. So, if you’re into bigger automobile babies then this 2021, you’re going to get your hands full with the Mercedes Benz GLC SUV. The Mercedes Benz SUV ticks all boxes and cuts no corners.

The new Mercedes GLC is here to dominate with more power and its advanced design. The car provides high intelligence, advanced designs, and security systems. Let’s see what the new Mercedes GLC has to offer this 2021. 

Mercedes Benz SUV: Mercedes GLC Powertrain and Engine 

The Mercedes Benz SUV comes in two variants – The C200 Progressive and the C220d 4MATIC Progressive. The GLC C200 Progressive has a 1991cc inline four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that produced a power of 194bhp @5,500 rpm along with a torque of 320Nm @1650-4000 rpm. 

While the Mercedes GLC C220d 4MATIC Progressive has a 1950cc inline four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that produces a power of 192bhp @ 3800rpm along with a torque of 400Nm @1600-2400rpm.  

Both the engines have a 9-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. The variants also react to the drive modes – eco, comfort, and sport to provide smooth and quick gear shifts through the nine gears. While the 9G-TRONIC is said to skip gears to provide better and quicker acceleration.  

Mercedes Benz SUV: Mercedes GLC Specifications 


The Mercedes GLC 200 uses a permanent rear-wheel drive while the C220d 4MATIC uses an all-wheel-drive system. The 4MATIC provides on-demand torque but the power is usually sent through a transfer case in the transmission to the front axle.  

The electronically powered all-wheel-drive system can also send the power to the rear wheels in case of low or no traction or it can also power individual wheels. 

Mercedes Benz SUV: Mercedes GLC Exterior  

The Mercedes GLC is designed to exude contemporary luxury. The car exudes power without appearing pushy, it stipulates the direction with pride and confidence and yet knows how to hold back. The off-road exteriors of this Mercedes Benz SUV stand out with its chrome details in the front. The car sports multi-twin light-alloy wheels with higher ground clearance and a greater angle of approach of the front bumper. 

The car’s distinct look comes with its LED high-performance headlamps that provide for more safety at night. It illuminates more of the road with less power consumption and the rear LED lamps adjust their brightness to the ambient conditions.  

The aluminum-look running boards are a true eye-catcher of this car along with its headlamps, with slip-resistant rubber studs to ensure a firm foothold while mounting and demounting the car. 

Mercedes Benz SUV: Mercedes GLC Interior 

The Mercedes GLC interior is designed to impress with its high luxury outstanding aesthetics and quality. So, whether you’re off on an off-roading adventure or out with your family, the car provides the utmost driving comfort for both the drivers and the passengers.  

The cabin sports a touchpad with haptic feedback that you can use to operate the infotainment system like you would a smartphone. The cabin can be customized in two themes, beige silk, and grey. The touchpad recognizes your handwriting should you wish to enter passwords or addresses.  

The ambient lighting in the cabin provides for a serene space for you to peacefully travel in with the door sills illuminating with Mercedes Benz lettering. There are also roller sun blinds in the left and right rear doors to provide shade from the glaring sun; shall you require and a 12.3-inch all-digital instrument cluster. The car also sports a panoramic sunroof. 

Mercedes Benz SUV: Mercedes GLC Safety Key Features 

Apart from the usual Mercedes Benz safety systems, this Mercedes Benz SUV sports added safety features like Knee bags and pre-safe systems in case of skidding or accident. The active parking assistant with PARKTRONIC provides the required parking assistance with its 360-degree parking package camera. The added tyre pressure monitoring system also makes sure that there is maintained tyre pressure and in case of low pressure it alerts the driver.  

Mercedes Benz SUV: Mercedes GLC Price 

This Mercedes Benz SUV, the all-new Mercedes GLC comes with a starting price of 58.60 lakhs with its base variant and goes up to 64.39 lakhs for its top variant. Both ex-showroom prices.  

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September 22, 2021
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