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Mercedes AMG A 35 4matic vs Mercedes AMG A 45 | ULTIMATE COMPARISON!

When you get onto exploring the luxury car space, you’ll discover that every car has several salient features that distinguish it from the rest. Just like that, Mercedes Benz cars are top-tier cars, embracing luxury and class at their finest, each model is different from the other. On that note, let’s see how Mercedes AMG A 35 4matic is different from Mercedes AMG A 45. 

An amateur observation of both cars side to side would be that they look almost identical, in terms of width and dimensions. However, after a much closer scrutinization, you’ll figure that the AMG A 45 S is slightly longer and higher than the AMG A 35. Nonetheless, both cars stand on the high-end, high-performing side of the three-point star’s A Class Hatchback range. The two models also have similar interiors, maintaining the standardized luxurious tones of Mercedes-Benz. It must be noted that several intricate details and features of the car may vary from year to year, country to country, and model to model. Thus, it’s the safest to compare both cars in real-time at your nearest Mercedes-Benz showroom before placing your bets! 

Furthermore, another obvious observation is that the AMG A 35 is the entry-level model in the Mercedes world, while AMG A 45 is more upgraded. However, when choosing AMG A 35, you can opt from a variety of advanced submodels – Executive, Premium, and Premium Plus that include features like a sunroof, electric seats, ambient lights, larger screens, an upgraded sound system, and more. You can also find the AMG Aerodynamics package under the variations of this model that empowers you to make the A 35 look like the A 45 S with your personalizations, thereby experiencing the best of both worlds. 

Moving to the exteriors of both the models, the bumper grilles of A 35 and A 45 S differ dynamically. Mercedes Benz offers a classy, standardized diamond grille on all of its cars, however, with Mercedes AMG A 35 4matic, you get something better; horizontally lined, state-of-the-art design throughout the entire bumper and the AMG logo integrated into the grille gives the car an edgy and luxurious look. Needless to say, AMG A 45 tops this up with a bold and prominent AMG-Specific grille that only comes in the top-ranging models of the brand. If elite appearance and stylish exterior are a deciding factor for you, the AMG 45 S is undoubtedly the one. 

The bonnets of the two models are also entirely different. AMG A 35 4matic has two angular lines across the bonnet, which gives it a nice, flat and sleek look. While AMG A 45 has power domes, prominent cuts across the bonnet define the car as one-of-a-kind and extraordinary.  

There may seem no substantial difference in the interiors of both cars since you experience the best comfort and quality in all of the Mercedes Benz collections. However, the AMG A 45 S embraces a subtle tone of sporty with striking yellow borders across the interiors of the car. The race bucket-style seats of the car are as comfortable as ever for long adventures or short errand runs.

Whether you pick the Mercedes AMG A 35 4matic or Mercedes AMG A 45, you experience the best of tech-friendly features like the multimedia screen and MBUX system as well as the jet turbine air vent and ambient lighting. The premium Mercedes logo and luxurious intricacies of the interiors are retained in both models identically. 

Needless to say, AMG A 45 is on the pricier end of the range but justifies the price with its high-performing features. It is only in the Mercedes AMG A45 model that you can switch through four curated driving modes – slippery, individual, comfort, and sport for a luxurious and comfortable drive. 

As per the engine is concerned, both cars have 2.0 L liter engines. Thus, Mercedes AMG A 35 4matic vs Mercedes AMG A 45 both classify as high-performing models of the Mercedes range. If you’re a driving fanatic, you can take both these advanced models for a test drive at your nearest Mercedes Benz showroom and see for yourself, which fuels your thrill better! 

The AMG A 35 car offers a striking 306 hp and a 0 – 60 mph: 4.7 secs which undoubtedly steps onto the hot hatch territory. On the other hand, if you choose the AMG A 45, you get the world’s fastest 2 Liter engine that produces 421 hp and a whopping 0 – 60 mph: 3.9 seconds. The AMG A 45 Engine also comes with the “One man, one engine” plaque and is handcrafted by David Huffman. So, if you’re seeking extra-ordinary and brilliant, you already know your pick. 

Adding onto the gloriousness of this car, the AMG A 45 comes with extra valves in the back for higher, better performance as well as strengthening bars and struts and a premium black AMG Bar, all contributing to the unmatchable on-road performance of the car. The Mercedes AMG A 45 S is designed not just for routine use. There’s a dedicated drift mode on the car, so you can drift with this premium hatchback. Hence, if you have the taste for the thrill, the AMG A 45 is equipped with all the necessary features for your off-roading adventures. The car also comes with a high-performing brake that is only seen in the motorsports space. 

The Premium Plus model of Mercedes AMG A 35 comes with an adjustable suspension which is almost the same as the A 45 S. However, the strengthening bars and struts of the A 45 S make it more sturdy and firmer on the road. While talking about value for money, both cars purvey a versatile range of features and deliver high performance, setting benchmark standards in the premium automotive space. You can explore more information about each model to see what resonates with your requirements the most and choose accordingly. 

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June 28, 2022
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