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What is Mercedes Digital Service Book Everything you need to know.

Mercedes-Benz is known for unprecedented innovations, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and unmatchable luxury in vehicles. Unsurprisingly, the leading automobile company introduced a new way of storing the complete vehicle service history. Changing with time and replacing paper, the Mercedes Digital Service Booklet or DSB is the electronic storage of all the data and records related to your Mercedes-Benz model. 

What is Digital Service Booklet

In 2008, the Mercedes Digital Service Book was launched for Mercedes E-class and CLS models. It is a central database that contains the servicing history of all Mercedes-Benz models and replaces the traditional method of documentation through booklets. The digital or electronic storage is protected against any third party users and allows only the vehicle owner and authorized Mercedes service centres to access the data. 

Mercedes Digital Service Book further reinforces the commitment towards offering transparency, reliability and comfort to the customer in all manners possible. 

Benefits of Mercedes Digital Service Booklet

There are many benefits of the Mercedes Digital Service Book which includes safety and security, unlike physical papers, which can be lost. The servicing data is added regularly, and it also helps in the quick verification of warranty details. Moreover, digital documentation helps all the concerned to find all the details in one place with a few clicks. It enables the vehicle owner to access the complete servicing data online. 

Even in situations, when you move to a new place or a country, the digital service records can be easily found at every registered Mercedes service centre across the globe. The records will help better analyse the condition of your three-pointed star  which can further help in resale. 

In addition, the Mercedes service centres or mechanics with necessary authorization can easily access the complete service history of the car. The better overview and transparency makes the service and maintenance task easy. For vehicle owners, it means less time at the workshop. 

Mercedes-Benz has always focused on providing convenience and comfort to their customer by integrating technology and advanced solutions. The Mercedes Digital Service Book is a customer-centric offering that will certainly ease the process of maintaining service records of the vehicle. 

Quick Glance at Mercedes Digital Service Book

– Mercedes Digital Service Book is the electronic storage of vehicle service history

– Vehicle owners, authorized mechanics, and registered service centres can access DSB

– Secure and Safe

– Convenient when changing workshops and moving to a new place 

– Better vehicle value

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October 29, 2021
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