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Top 7 Highlights Of The New E-Class LWB

The three-point star brand, Mercedes Benz, is known to pioneer a range of dynamic, extravagant luxury cars, and the newest addition to the list is the Mercedes E Class LWB. Packed with multiple futuristic features and absolutely stunning design aesthetics, the Mercedes E Class incorporates highlights that’ll get you jaw-dropped!

  1. Finesse at its finest!

Even though all Mercedes E Class models embody state-of-the-art semblances, the New E Class takes it a notch up! With Mercedes badging in the front, a sportier bumper and a bold Mercedes logo on the grille, the exterior is sporty with an essence of quintessential luxury. Adding to this exquisite look is the brand new diamond grille with minimalistic yet elegant studs and Mercedes badging. You also get the Mercedes Benz badging in the foot of the rear cabin that glows in the dark along with sleek LED DRL headlights. The chrome treatment through the exterior blends flawlessly with the modern layout of the E Class LWB. The interiors are enhanced with a wooden finish and premium leather seats. The piano black treatment throughout the steering wheel and dashboard also amalgamates tastefully with the luxurious interiors of this car. 

  1. Parking and Driving Assistance 

Yet another impeccable highlight of the Mercedes E Class is the flawless Parking and Driving Assistance. Setting benchmark standards in the automation space, Mercedes Benz offers auto parking features in the New E Class. It also incorporates a 360-degree parking camera that adjusts as you move the steering wheel giving you complete visibility of the vehicle and roads. You can also shift through the six driving modes – Eco, comfort, sport, and sport plus, manual and individual mode (which can be configured) to relish distinctive driving experiences everytime you’re behind the steering wheel. The rear parking sensors are practical and offer parking precision, even on the most cluttered roads. 

  1. Powerful Engine 

To fuel your need for speed, the brand new Mercedes E Class is equipped with a striking 6 cylinder engine that helps you glide through all road-types seamlessly. The 9 speed torque converter gearbox offers maximum maneuverability and flexibility. The Hydraulic struts also add significantly to amplify this effect. With the E Class LWB, you can easily nudge past through 230 kmph without any hassle. 

  1. Refined Performance 

The powerful engine and smart air suspension work harmoniously to provide a linear performance on busy roads or highways. The E Class LWB also flaunts one of the largest wheelbases which is more than 3 meters large. The fine diffuser treatment and hydraulic struts make for a spiky power delivery that helps you blister through roads quickly and safely. 

  1. Maximum Personalizations 

The quintessential and ever-intuitive MBUX system of Mercedes Benz is also integrated into the brand New E Class. The highlight of this car is that it offers the maximum possible personalizations and configuration options. You can configure almost everything on the smart and intrinsic dashboard with the assistance of the responsive MBUX system. You can also configure elements of the individual driving mode and manipulate the traction control as per your judgments. 

  1. Spacious Comfort 

The New E Class has also made some massive refinements in terms of spaciousness. You can release the rear seats by thirty percent as well all push forward the front seat to create maximum legroom. With the premium sunroof and arch-style windows, you experience abundant ventilation inside both cabins. The Mercedes E Class also incorporates Memory seats, cushioned headrest, and a reclinable center seat in the rear cabin that can be turned into an armrest with storage space, a wireless charging pad, and a touchpad to operate infotainment and ambient lights. 

  1. Interactiveness 

The MBUX system of the smart dashboard can be controlled by touch or voice. The system is auto-designed to recognize voice and touch inputs. You can also manipulate the temperature inside the car with three-zone climate control. The metal controls for power windows, car boot, and sun blinds are also easy touch-sensitive. The E Class LWB also incorporates the New field communication for seamless handling of the center console and other features scattered throughout the car. 

Explore all features of the New E Class at the nearest AutoHangar Mercedes Showroom near you and unleash a sublime driving experience anytime, anywhere! 

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July 25, 2022
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