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Vision AVTR: A Mercedes Future Car with No Steering Wheel!

Ever wondered how a future car would look and feel? Well, Mercedes-Benz revealed its groundbreaking and futuristic concept car by the name Vision AVTR at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January 2020. As you would expect, the envisioned Mercedes future car by the leading luxury vehicle manufacturer in the world fascinated one and all. 

It is interesting to note that Vision AVTR (Advanced Vehicle Transformation) is inspired by the epic science fiction film AVATAR, directed by popular director James Cameron. Mercedes-Benz, as a giant automobile company, is already looking at the future with Vision AVTR at its centre. It is the standard that will inspire engineers, designers and researchers for developing mobility in the near future.

According to the team who were integral to bringing to life this Mercedes future car, the main idea was to create a car that redefines how man, machine and nature interact. It is an awe-inspiring amalgamation of futuristic technology, innovative design and yet unseen and unheard human driving experience. Focused on autonomous driving and sustainability at its core, all the features of this model is so designed that the passenger may feel driving as an extension of the individual self. The synergy between humans, Vision AVTR car and the outside world is truly unbelievable.

Immersive Experience 

One of the ways Vision AVTR stuns is the beautiful immersive experience it provides to the passenger. It would not be an exaggeration to say there is no car experience like this yet in the world. Since autonomous driving is the future of mobility, AVTR

uses biometric controls. Instead of a typical steering wheel, a Multifunctional Control Element is placed beside the seat, which has a heartbeat of its own. 

As soon as you place your palm on the control unit, the car and all its controls come to life, recognize your breathing and connect with you. Moreover, the curved display module with gesture control replaces the traditional dashboard for activating functions. The intuitive control, powered by digital neurons, is visualized by an instrument panel, and it is magical. 

Among the other interesting concepts, driving is carried out by simple hand motion on the control unit. Vision AVTR not only moves forward and backward, but it can also drive diagonally and sideways. The innovative four-wheel-drive transforms the driving dynamics, makes it highly efficient and enables “crab walk” at 30 degrees. It will simplify vehicle parking as well. 

Exceptional Design Masterpiece

At the outset, it is essential to note that the exceptional design of this masterpiece took almost two years to complete. Also, inputs were taken from the Award-winning director James Cameron. And the influence of the movie AVATAR is easily seen with its organic car design. 

Bionic flaps, 33 of them, are used on the rear, which are very similar to reptile scales. It directly improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle and even makes communication with the driver by changing colours for different operations like break, acceleration, turning and while interacting with the outside world. The bio-design is exhibited to show how the car is in harmony with the natural world.

As far as interior and exterior is concerned, a completely new design approach is followed. The main focus is given to create a magnificent passenger perception and experience that connects with the vehicle and the environment, uniquely and seamlessly. The holistic concept combines exterior, interior and UX and takes it to the next level with nestled seats, doors with translucent panels and interior made of recycled material which brings us to the next section of sustainability.


The future of mobility will have the best of technology and sustainability and this is envisioned to be achieved with Vision AVTR in near future. High performance near-wheel-built electric motors are used with a combined engine power of over 350 kW. 

Organic battery technology based on Graphene is planned to be used. Graphene is the strongest material and thinnest, capable of stretching like rubber. Also, it is biodegradable and recyclable. Research and development on developing Graphene batteries are still going on. It will eliminate pollution problems, support recyclable material and make it more efficient with fast charging in less than fifteen minutes.

Sustainable materials like old clothing, PET plastic bottles are used to decorate seats. The production process is carried out in such a way as to reduce pollutant emissions and energy consumption. Yet, the interior is luxurious with vegan DINAMICA leather. All these features make the Mercedes future car a truly futuristic masterpiece. The working model of Vision AVTR is available with a lot of innovations to come to fruition. 

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August 17, 2021
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