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Mercedes GLB vs Mercedes GLC: Which is the best choice for your family?

If you’ve been following the extensive range of the latest Mercedes Benz editions, you may be perplexed by the Mercedes GLB and GLC semblance. Both the models are extremely similar, yet quite distinguishable from each other. If you’re hunting for a family-sized Mercedes Benz car, you may want to choose from the two best-in-class models of the premium car range. The Mercedes GLB and Mercedes GLC are both stylish, classy and futuristic models with the most avant-garde features and characteristics. However, certain features of the two Mercedes models could not be more dissimilar. Read on to know what exactly these features are and which of the two three-point star models shall be better for you and your family! 

The first thing that you’d want to know about the two distinctive models is the difference in the price range. Even though the Mercedes GLB offers an unparalleled driving experience and extra-ordinary set of features, it is still on the more cost-effective end while the Mercedes Benz GLC is more expensive. That being said, the price difference between the two isn’t drastic, thus, you may want to make your decision on the basis of other, more important features of the cars. The dimensions, lengths and size of the GLB and Mercedes Benz GLC 

Dimensions are almost similar. However, you can observe a negligible difference in the wheelbase of the two. The Mercedes GLB incorporates a 250 informatic system while the Mercedes Benz GLC comes equipped with a slightly high-tech AMG high-performance version. The Mercedes GLC is definitely a much more tech-advanced model as compared to the Mercedes GLB. You can visit your nearest Mercedes Benz showroom to make a real-life comparison of both the cars and find your pick accordingly.

The Mercedes GLC beats the GLB again by purchasing a larger fuel capacity. The Mercedes GLB has a fuel capacity of 2 liters and a 221 brake horsepower while the GLC has a striking 273 pound-feet of torque, 255 horsepower and a 15.9 gallon fuel capacity. The under-the-bonnet specifications of the cars are drastically different. The engine quality is top-notch for both cars however, the aerodynamics is relevently distinguishable as the design language is also slightly altered. While the Mercedes Benz GLB is flat from the rear side, the Mercedes Benz GLC is quite curvy. 

Given the differences in the structure and design aesthetics, the two cars also have dissimilar spacing options. Of course, all Mercedes Benz cars offer opulent spaciousness, but certainly, the three-point star brand has set benchmark standards in the luxury automotive space with the Mercedes GLB. This model has abundant cargo space on offer along with an optional third-row seat. The tailgate of this car also opens wider than the Mercedes GLC. But the GLC makes up for this with a much larger rear and front cabin. There’s slightly more headroom and spaciousness in the GLC, especially if you compare the two rear cabins. Thus, for a larger family that prioritizes spacious seating, you may want to take the leap with Mercedes Benz GLC. 

Both cars flaunt the split panoramic roofs and sunshades of the classic Mercedes Benz. You again see a differentiation in the interiors of both cars. One may say that the Mercedes Benz GLB has a much intrinsic interior design language and aesthetic as compared to the GLC. That is definitely because of the suede leather interior that is built-to-last. The center console and digital cluster has been given a classy black treatment, much like the GLC for that matter. 

The Mercedes GLC seeks inspiration from the previous models of Mercedes Benz, but introduces a new user interface, new infotainment system, intuitive cluster, touch screen and trackpad for easy access and maneuverability. The scroll button on the steering wheel is extremely user-friendly and convenient. The digitally-advanced features of the Mercedes Benz GLC undoubtedly give this model a fair edge over GLB. You also get heated seats, 36o-degree cameras, wireless charging pad, dynamic driving modes and more in the Mercedes Benz GLC thereby ensuring a luxurious and extravagant driving experience. 

The design aesthetics of the Mercedes Benz GLB is completely different. The vents are of a distinctive shape and the infotainment system is split in half, blending tastefully in the sophisticated digital cluster. Similar to the GLC, in the GLB you get a ton of features that make for a linear driving experience. Some of these features are the distinctive range of driving models, paddle shifters, heating seats, door panel settings, intuitive touchscreen and touchpad. To attain a real-time experience of both the cars, you can head on to your nearest Mercedes Benz showroom and find the luxurious match for your family!

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August 29, 2022
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