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Mercedes‑Maybach S‑Class 2022: Unbelievable Features

The cars we drive say a lot about us. And if you’re driving the Mercedes Maybach S-Class, you evoke a sense of class, sophistication, and elusiveness. Even though the Mercedes Maybach S class 2022 is indescribable, the two words that summarize the car are ‘excess luxury.’ From the interiors to the exteriors, you find a sense of elegance in the design aesthetics of this model, the attention to detail, and the sheer craftsmanship of the three-point star brand. The Mercedes Maybach S class 2022 is packed with futuristic features that cannot be witnessed in any other car of this price range. The S Class, has in all senses, redefined the meaning of luxury on wheels. It oozes exquisite style with every inch. Check out more details like the Mercedes S Class Price by visiting your nearest AutoHangar Mercedes Benz showroom

Let’s transcend into the world of exuberance as we dive into the jaw-dropping specifications of the Maybach S Class 2022

It may come as a big surprise that the Mercedes S Class is the only car in India to offer a white-colored key. Yet another fun fact is that India is one of the only two countries in the world where the Maybach is actually assembled. This model of the Mercedes Benz range has garnered the attention of luxury car aficionados worldwide and is regarded as one of the most stylish three-point star models. The dimensions of the Maybach S Class 2022 are magnificently large. It is 5453 millimeters in length and incorporates a wheelbase of 3365 mm. That’s right, magnificent all the way! The sleek and luxurious layout of the car is amplified by the premium chrome treatment across all borders of this masterpiece. 

The advanced headlights of the Mercedes S Class embody 42 LEDs in one single light that is capable of projecting powerful headlighting to up to 650 meters. That’s not all. These smart lights also incorporate cameras inside of them that recognize the ongoing traffic and adjust the magnitude and intensity of the light so as to not blind the passenger ahead. With the Maybach S Class, you enjoy the finest Mercedes Benz grille and badging on the front. Furthermore, the multiple sensors on this car offer a 360-view of the vehicle for the ultimate parking precision. 

Everything from the fuel filler lid and the car boot to the rear parking cameras are mechanically activated with the touch of a button. Thus, the intricacy and attention-to-details of this model remain unbeatable. You find the Mercedes Maybach S Class logo on the rear end as well as the holistic premium chrome treatment throughout the car. The quad exhausts significantly add to the opulent design aesthetics of this model. You find the V12 badging on the front, again indicating pure elegance. 

While luxury,elegance and style are at the core of this model, comfort still realms the list! The soft close touch doors are slightly bigger in size as compared to the other S Class models and the body-hugging seats come with multitudes of adjustment methods. You can unfurl a comfortable riding experience in the Mercedes S Class with seat adjustment features like; Memory seats, heating and ventilation modes as well as several different types of seat massages for the ultimate on-the-go spa treatment. The excess of luxury in the Maybach S Class is also signified by the reclining rear seat in the back. When in chauffeur mode, the co-passenger seat of the front cabin folds all the way in the front, leaving ample space for the recliner to unfold into the most comfortable laid-back bed-style seat ever. You can augment the underthigh support effectively and also pull out the footrest that is attached to the recliner. Several other distinctive features of the car, such as, Air balance perfume with 6 fragrances to choose from, belt bags, 64 ambient lights, magic sky control features, 4 zone climate control air conditioning system, 4-way remote control to central and rear infotainment systems, and more epitomize this luxury on wheels. 

Check out your nearest AutoHangar Mercedes Benz showroom to unfurl a life of traveling in style, luxury and exuberance. 

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July 25, 2022
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