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2022 Mercedes-Benz EQC: The Ultimate Luxury Electric Car

A fine lifestyle begins with owning a fine luxury car, and what better than the most premium car brand, Mercedes Benz. Pioneering the most top-notch design and quality. Mercedes Benz has always helmed the luxury vehicle space and has now established its name in the electric car sphere as well. Since Musk’s interventions in the automotive industry have most definitely set the global trend of electric cars, Mercedes has designed its luxurious take on an electric, sustainable vehicles. So now, you can go electric and choose to be environmentally conscious while relishing the style, luxury, and comfort of the Mercedes Benz. 

The new 2022 Mercedes Benz EQC is the ultimate electric car that you’ve been waiting for. It purveys a sturdy yet classy exterior and an intricately designed, sleek, and sophisticated interior. You can now go check out this latest Mercedes addition at your nearest Mercedes Benz Showroom. The electric three-point star is as futuristic as it gets – with tech-first features like intelligent charging technology and the intuitive Mercedes Benz driving assistance system. Mercedes Benz EQC is what makes ‘electric’ exciting! 

When choosing an electric car, most people are skeptical about the limited range that electrically run cars offer as compared to fueled cars. But with EQC, you needn’t worry about the range at all. In the Mercedes Benz Showroom, you’ll be able to discover all of the information about this luxury car. Mercedes Benz sets benchmark standards in the electric automotive space by purveying the most premium quality. With Mercedes-Benz EQC, you receive a wide range with the help of the large, high-voltage battery that comes with a usable energy content of 80 kWh (WLTP). Through this, the luxury car offers up to 361 to 420 km, according to WLTP. That is a range long enough for you to enjoy several adventures without charging again. Several individuals have experienced that the charging life is sufficient to carry out the daily work-home rounds without any hurdles. Mercedes-Benz Car Prices differ from model to model. Thus, you can inquire about the price for the classy and high-performing car at your nearest Mercedes-Benz showroom. 

Yet another element that makes the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQC a stroke of brilliance is the technologically-advanced features of the car. The electric car is equipped with active range monitoring and navigation with electric intelligence. The technological features make the car easy and hassle-free to drive. The integrated driving assistance makes driving a leisure activity. Furthermore, the brand has unlocked the future of automotive intelligence with audiophile surround sound and MBUX Reality Navigation. Check out more such state-of-the-art features of the car in your nearest Mercedes-Benz Showroom. 

The intelligent driving assistance system is voice sensitive; thus, with the command “Hey Mercedes,” you can launch the system. You can turn on or off the Air Conditioning, Music, or GPS by just voice commands. What’s more, is that the system also understands and reacts to indirect orders like “I’m feeling cold” the truly intelligent system shall turn the AC down as a reaction to the aforementioned indirect command. Check out the Mercedes-Benz Car Price at your nearest showroom! 

The MBUX is one more feature that redefines the space of electric automobiles. The new 2022 Mercedes Benz EQC comes with a multimedia display that is touch-sensitive. Thus, you can utilize the best features on your system without shifting your hand away from the steering wheel. The touchscreen placed elegantly on your integral system recognizes single or multiple finger gestures as well as handwriting. The touch control settings offer you a digitally advanced user experience. The three-point star hasn’t held back when it comes to reflecting elegance that resonates with the general presentation of Mercedes Benz as a top-tier brand. All display styles differ slightly since maximum individualization is offered to you. Nonetheless, all three styles -Modern Classic, Sport, and Electric Car are filled with an amalgamation of sophistication and minimalism. Create your personalized display system at your nearest Mercedes-Benz Showroom and bring home the most luxurious electric car! 

Every electric-car user’s worst nightmare is to drain out the battery mid-journey and be stranded in an unknown location. Mercedes-Benz strikes out this uncertainty and ensures comfort and safety with smart planning. You can get access to all of your vehicle information and battery life before you begin your ride. The car also has smartphone integration and wireless charging, so you’ll never be stranded anywhere and can always call for assistance. The brand has also introduced an E-mobility application called the EQ app that helps you make the most of your car and its features. Take this cutting-edge, ultra-modern and futuristic car on a test drive at your nearest Mercedes-Benz showroom and unfurl the future of electric cars today!

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June 28, 2022
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