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When should I change the brake fluid of my Mercedes-Benz?

In the era of technology we are surrounded with all sorts of machines, computers and robots as well! But do we ever think about how these machines really work? What is helping them work so efficiently? 

Well, today we are going to talk about one such machine, that is your car’s very essential part- the car’s braking system, which very often people are unaware about or just completely let go of and ignore! 

Every car has a car braking system which consists of a set of brake pads and brake rotors and what we don’t know is that these brake pads and rotors are hydraulically applied in the car’s braking system.

Just like we all know, any hydraulics requires lubrication and in the same way our car’s braking system also needs not only lubrication but dispersed heat as well! Before we head to learn more about how to change brake fluid, let’s get to know what brake fluid is?

What is brake fluid?

Brake fluid is a kind of hydraulic fluid used in vehicles like cars, motorbikes and some bicycles as well which have hydraulic brakes and hydraulic clutch. 

Why can only brake fluid be used?

Brake fluid is a non-compressible substance, providing a force needed when the brake pedal is pressed and thus is essential for the proper functioning of your car’s brake system. It is important that we use the right type of fluid for our car!

Why is brake fluid change important?

We can say that brake fluid is a magnet for moisture and thus attracts moisture towards itself which can easily cause erosion on your brakes with time. The brake related systems can easily be damaged and contaminated by small particles with time for your brake fluid.
Brake fluid’s lifespan can be reduced due to heat generation in systems like ABS and traction when they are active.

With time this fluid wears out and requires servicing but most of the time these brake fluids change every 30,000- 50,000 miles or as given by the car’s manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. However, for your Mercedes Benz we recommend to check for oil change once a year, this also depends on your driving habits or atleast once the vehicle has crossed 24,000 miles.

How to know it’s time to change your brake fluid?

By your car’s performance you can easily identify if you are due brake fluid change! Well there are a few ways to identify the same. Let’s look into some signs that your car must be showing-

  • Lose, bouncy and soft paddle is a good way to know that your car may need a mechanic now!
  • Issue with your anti-lock braking system can easily be seen when your ABS dashboard light turns on.
  • If the brakes are not quick and responsive, they may need servicing!
  • Grinding noise while braking can also be an indication to get your brake fluid changed.

With every oil change your auto repair facility or mechanic will test your brake fluid to find if there are any problems that you may face or to discuss the possibility of getting a service done for your car.

Can we check the Brake Fluid by ourselves if the car needs a fluid change?

Yes! You can do it too! All you have to do is pull out the car’s brake reservoir on the master cylinder under the hood, look for your Mercedes Benz user guide for exact location and check if the fluid looks as clear as water, this means that brake fluid is in a good shape and no change is needed! 

But if the car is driven for sometime, the fluid will lose its viscosity, the colour will darken and look rustic, and also will get contaminated with linings from the braking systems. So, if you are seeing dark coloured, thick fluid it sure is time to get your fluid changed!

Is brake fluid change covered by Mercedes Benz?

Yes! We do it for you! Our service experts can help you with the process and make the process fussless.

If it’s time for your Mercedes Benz for a service contact your nearest Mercedes Benz Service Center and take back home a new level of comfort!

April 6, 2023
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