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What is the difference between Mercedes-Benz & Mercedes-AMG?

Mercedes AMG is not just a car with a sporty edge but an experience to ride on! Amongst the most popular and luxurious car brands in the world we have Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG. As similar as they sound, they have notable differences between them. To explore the features between Mercedes Benz and Mercedes Benz AMG, let’s dig deep into the history, manufacturing and performance capabilities of both the car brands. 


Mercedes Benz goes way back in time, established in 1926, with its headquarters in Stuttgart, a German automotive company with a long history of producing high quality vehicles with excellent performances, advanced technology and sleek design. Benz had a mission to move around the world and within a century the brand has acquired 93 locations, and 5 continents in only 94 years.

Mercedes-Benz comes in a wide range of models from full-size luxury sedans to compact cars, from sports cars to comfort oriented SUVs. Mercedes Benz has a history of producing reliable and safe vehicles with class and elegance for its customers and has gained a strong reputation with the passing years.

Whilst on the other hand, Mercedes AMG is the performance division founded in 1967, 56 years ago by former engineers of Mercedes- Hans Werner, Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher specialising in producing high performance designs to offer a thrilling driving performance. Initially the car brand was recognised with AMG, short form for Aufrecht, Melcher, and Großaspach, the names of the founders and the town where Aufrecht was born. 

Mercedes-Benz acquired a controlling stake in AMG in the year 1999 and rebranded it as Mercedes-Benz AMG. Since then, Mercedes-AMG has been producing some of the most powerful and high-performance vehicles in the world.


Mercedes-Benz manufactures a wide variety of outstanding vehicles, from high performance luxury cars to entry level basic models. With the perfect blend of state of the art technology and advanced manufacturing process Mercedes meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Delivering the most exceptional quality and giving attention to the smallest detail Mercedes has gained reputation over the years by building trust and confidence of its clients.

With the combination of cutting edge technology and advanced engineering, Mercedes-AMG is focused on producing high performance vehicles and best racing engines in the world. Mercedes AMG aims to bring a change in the world of racing cars by manufacturing the highest performance capabilities, following the mantra “One man, One Engine”.  With one single person giving their full attention to one single engine until it is finished and after the completion, the engine is tagged by the name of the creator, showing the symbol of detail and individual care with which the engine was made. AMG believes that every part is integral, no matter how small it is, to make it something bigger and beautiful. The manufacturing of the vehicles is equipped towards delivering exceptional driving experience with the more aggressive looks, better performance, better handling, better stability using the advanced quality materials and components to ensure the light weight and agility of the car along with reliability and power.


Talking about the performance of Mercedes Benz and Mercedes AMG cars are quite different from each other. 

On one hand Mercedes Benz is a German luxury automobile brand known for comfort, style and smooth handling. Benz delivers designs with a luxurious driving experience and can do it with ease. The vehicles by Benz are geared with high power engines and advanced suspension systems providing a comfortable ride with the best driving experience. 

The company targets a wide range of customers, from families who are in search of comfort and safety to business executives who want luxury and style. Benz has a diverse range of models that cater to different needs and preferences of its customers.

While on the other hand, Mercedes-AMG vehicles are designed keeping in mind the requirements of performance enthusiasts who seek the ultimate driving experience. AMG vehicles are known for their high performance and sporty edge with an aggressive styling equipped with feature performance enhancing components, sport tuned suspension systems, larger brakes, upgraded engines, sporty and aerodynamic styling elements such as larger wheels, spoilers and diffusers to enable handling curves and corners with ease, along with an incredible speed and acceleration. 

Mercedes-AMG targets a more niche market of performance enthusiasts who want the most powerful and high-performance vehicles available. These cars are not for everyone, and they come with a higher price tag than most Mercedes-Benz models. Mercedes-AMG cars are designed for drivers who value performance and speed over comfort and luxury.

With the ultimate performance versions Mercedes AMG has a muscular look with a high performance engine and a unique sporty look due to its exterior and interior embellishments. Making it fast and powerful, a drive to feel alive, the engine is handmade in an exclusive manufacturing facility in Germany for a finer handling.

Mercedes never fails to impress, especially with the performance division of Benz. Mercedes invests the time and effort necessary to hand-build each engine with more horsepower. They take pride and ownership of their AMG engines, which symbolize dedication to performance and innovation without losing the human element. Each engine is tuned in a specific way and upgraded for additional power.

For more information about AMG Mercedes Benz, including details about their hand-built engines and dedication to performance, please visit your nearest Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

May 18, 2023
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