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Things You Should Know before Buying AMG Rims

If you are looking for a new set of wheels for your Mercedes Benz car you should look for AMG rims. AMG is a high performance division of Mercedes Benz creating specialised parts and equipment. Embedded with sleek designs and impressive performance capabilities, AMG rims are highly preferred. However, before finalising your purchase, be informed on the following things to get the right rims for your vehicle and driving needs:

Wheel and Rim Size, Fitment-

The most important part to purchase a new wheel is to find the right size of Rim for your tyre. Amg tyres are designed to fit only s specific Benz models and sizes and the wrong rim may not be able to mount or fit properly, thus, it is essential to find the correct size for your car. The size can be found embedded on the tyre or printed on your car manual. 

A wrong size also impacts the look and performance of your car. Larger rims tend to give a sportier look, whilst, on the other hand smaller rims provide a much more classic look.Correct fit size will not rub against the fenders or suspension components. It is important to understand the size requirements and the impact it will have on performance due to different rim sizes. It is not necessary that all AMG wheels fit every car, and to find the correct fit you can also reach out to your nearest Mercedes Benz Service Center.

Offset and Backspacing-

It is extremely important to consider your car’s offset and backspacing when purchasing AMG rims. 

Offset is the distance between the centre of the wheel and the mounting surface, while on the other hand backspacing is the distance between the mounting surface and back of the wheel. If offset and backspacing are incorrect it can cause rubbing, vibration or clearance issues which can damage a car’s suspension and steering systems. Since, offset and backspacing determine how wheels sit in relation to the suspension components and body of the car, if the correct AMG rims are not chosen it can affect the handling and performance of your car. Thus, it is very crucial to consult a professional to ensure the wheels have proper offset and backspacing of your car.

Wheel Design-

The wheels come in a variety of designs like classic, contemporary and sporty. To choose the right design consider a style that complements your car’s aesthetic and matches your taste as well. If you have a modern Mercedes Benz consider a contemporary style, while if you have a classic Mercedes Benz, it will look the best with a more traditional design.

Right Finish-

Finish makes a huge difference when it comes to the look of the car. AMG car rims finishes come in many varieties like polished, matte, chrome, painted and powder coated. It is highly recommended to choose the finish that compliments the colour and style of your car as it not only impacts the appearance but the durability as well.

  • Polished- susceptible to corrosion and damage from road debris.
  • Matte/ Satin- gives a more unique look but special care is needed to maintain the appearance.
  • Chrome- gives a very shiny and eye catching look and needs regular maintenance, also this finish can easily corrode or damage.
  • Painted or powdercoated- this finish is durable and easier to maintain, also it is not as flashy as chrome finish.

When choosing the rims for your car, ensure to consider your personal style and the level of maintenance as the finish you choose will impact both appearance and maintenance of the wheels.

Rim Material-

AMG rims are made of two materials: aluminium and alloy.

Aluminium- These rims and light in weight, stronger and thus expensive, but they also provide better performance, handling and ride quality.

Alloy- While on the other hand alloy rims are heavier in weight, not strong enough and prone to cracking or breaking with no safety benefit and not offer the same level of performance as aluminium rims, thus making it a cheaper option. 

Be sure to choose the correct rims made of high quality materials resistant to corrosion and wear that are the right fit for your car, driving needs and budget.


Weight of the wheels plays a very crucial role in the car’s performance and handling of your car. The rims are generally made light in weight using materials like aluminium or carbon fibre. Light weight rims are pretty expensive but improve your car’s handling, braking and acceleration whilst heavy wheels increase your car’s unsprung weight that may affect the suspension and handling. 

Consider consulting a professional to choose the right weight for your car.


AMG rims can be expensive and the price range can vary depending on the design, finish, and size. It is extremely important to find the right balance between price and quality as it may seem tempting to choose an affordable option which may not offer the same level of quality and performance but for the longer run consider long term benefits that will last longer and provide better performance and safety.

Before purchasing, have a budget in mind and compare prices from different retailers to find the best deal.


Make sure to check the warranty to stay protected in case of defects or damage in your rims. You can easily find manufacturers who offer warranties that cover the defects in the materials or workmanship for a specific period of time. 

Having a warranty in hand helps you cover any issue with the wheels which can help you save money. Therefore, make sure to check the rims come with a warranty and read the terms and conditions carefully.


Installing a rim is a very time consuming process if not done with the correct tools. To install your AMG rim consider taking help from a professional as it requires special tools and expertise. 

Hiring a professional may add to the cost of the rims but will install them correctly and safely.


AMG rims require regular maintenance to keep them looking best. It is easy to maintain the rims at home as well by simply cleaning them regularly with a soft cloth and mild soap to remove any dirt or grime. Make sure to avoid using any abrasive cleaner or hash chemicals that can damage the finish of the rims. 

Buying AMG rims is a good way to enhance the appearance and performance of your vehicle. Before making a purchase ensure the above factors to get the best rims for your car and your personal driving needs. With the right choice, you can enjoy better handling, improved performance, and sleek new look.

May 18, 2023
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