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The Importance of Workshop and After-Sales Business in The Luxury Automobile Industry

The Importance of Workshop and After-Sales Business in The Luxury Automobile Industry

The Indian automobile market is said to be the most price-sensitive when compared to the rest of the world. The decision of buying a vehicle in India is mainly driven by the price of the vehicle. When it comes to the luxury automobile industry, Indian buyer always seek good service and after-sales. Luxury cars in India are a bit expensive and customers demand a great after-sales service experience on buying an expensive car.
It is even important for manufactures and dealers to come up with quality functional service centres and workshops for their after-sales business. In India, car buyers change their car every five years. They decide to stay loyal towards the brand or switch to another brand based on their after-sales experience with the brand during those five years.

If the brand fails to facilitate repair workshops and right service, then it can affect the image of the brand as well as the credibility amongst potential car buyers. Suppose a Mercedes_benz owner meets with an accident and wants to get his car repaired, then he should have the option to move to an authorized Mercedes Benz workshop for repairs where he can trust the authenticity of the replaced parts and receive quality service as well.

If you are a Mercedes-Benz owner in Mumbai then you can drive without any stress about after-sales. Autohangar services and workshops are branches of Autohangar which is an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership with showrooms across Mumbai.

Autohangar Mercedes-Benz service centres are located at different locations and till now has
provided after-sales services to more than 1000 Mercedes-Benz customers. In case of breakdowns, the customer just has to search Mercedes Benz Workshop or Mercedes authorised service centre near me and connect with the nearest Autohangar Service station.

Luxury cars need more attention and regular maintainance due to complex mechanisms and extraordinary engineering. Getting a luxury car repaired or serviced at a local garage is never recommended. Thus, it is very essentials for luxury brands to set up a network of service stations and workshops around the country, so that rich customer experience can be provided and at the same time brand loyalty is created.
For Mercedes-Benz owners, Autohangar services make sure that customer experience is enhanced with time and the state of the art workshops facilitate their brand buyers with great after-sales repairs and services.
October 21, 2020
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