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The Countdown Begins: Mercedes Trophy 2022 Golf Tournament

When you think of finesse, grandeur and exquisiteness, you think of Mercedes Benz, and now when you think of golf as well, you shall think of Mercedes Benz Trophy 2022 Golf Tournament. The most-awaited event in the city is merely days away and thus, the golfing athletes must start to practice their swing!

As Auto Hangar roisters the 25th year anniversary of pure excellence in the automobile industry, this year comes with an awe-striking twist. Auto Hangar shall be taking over the hostess’s mighty seat. We’ve commenced with our very own club-level qualifier round – another elimination round to further curate the best of the best golfers across the city of Mumbai.

As an initiative of Mercedes Benz, Auto Hangar has extended this golfing challenge to all Mercedes customers in Mumbai city. Helmed by Auto Hangar for the first time ever, this major pre-qualifier event shall be held at Willingdon Sports Club, Arya Nagar, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai 400034 on 28th and 29th April’2022 i.e, Thursday and Friday from 11am to 5pm.

In line with initial RSVPs, the Auto Hangar event expects a foot count of 200 participants approximately of which only eight shall be selected for the semi-finals. Furthermore, the semi-final tournament is scheduled to be held at the Oxford Golf & Country Club on Sunday in Pune city.

Although there may be just 8 champions qualifying to the next round, there is something exquisite for all the participants attending the event presented by Auto Hangar. What is it you wonder? A gift bag of the most fascinating Mercedes merchandise, making this event quite a snatch for all in attendance.

Mercedes has been affiliated with amateur golf since 1989, and now with Auto Hangar taking on the steering wheel for this special event, the anticipation has crossed the roof. With more than 50,000 golfers competing with each other to win a place in the World Final held in Mercedes-Benz homeland of Stuttgart, this year is going to be no less enthralling. Players from over 50 countries will be extended nine invitational rounds, they shall then try to ace the golf field with swings afloat to reserve their place in the World Final. Regional tournaments will be held in all major metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chandigarh, and winners will compete at the National Finals being held at Le Touessrok Golf Course, Mauritius.

Since last year recorded an astounding response, this year’s pre-qualifier round is sure to stir some extra thrill for our massive audience. The MercedesTrophy represents the amalgamation of sports and lifestyle and resonates with the premier status of the Three-Pointed Star. The World Finals taking place in Stuttgart show that an estimation of almost 2,000 Mercedes-Benz patrons and golf aficionados shall be in attendance to witness the grand finale.

As this year shall be the 20th Edition of the MercedesTrophy, enthusiasts of the sport from across the country shall fly in to see the much-awaited spectacle first-hand. The Auto Hangar branch in Mumbai looks forward to hosting the pre-qualifier rounds for all its passionate customers.

The esteemed Mercedes Benz Trophy has been the most captivating amateur golf tournament since 1989. This three-tier structure amateur golf series offers more than just an opportunity to compete; it offers a mesmerizing experience filled with remarkable onsite events and exuberant programs hosted by Mercedes Benz. The 29-year-old legacy has been preserved as well as Mercedes’ prominent association with Laureus. Laureus World Sports Awards is an esteemed award ceremony honoring individuals and teams from the world of Sports.

The new qualification format of The MercedesTrophy this year incorporates an extra qualifier round that shall definitely pose a challenge for the golfing fanatics. Nonetheless, the additional round of elimination shall seize to offer only the crème de la crème of the golfing sphere in the country for the world finals.

Much like life itself, the most important shot in golf is the next one. Golfers who haven’t had much luck in the preceding tournaments can play their best shots this year and stand a chance to take home the shining trophy.

While the anticipation is quite exciting, it shall be an enthralling moment for the players, viewers and brand members to finally watch the countdown strike zero. Embark on this two-fold experience of exquisiteness and sports on Thursday and Friday, i.e 28th and 29th April’22 at Willingdon Sports Club, Arya Nagar, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai 400034. from 11am to 5pm. Play your best shots, on the course and in life, with Auto Hangar x Mercedes Benz.

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April 22, 2022
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