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Bluetooth® headphones with optimum fit and high wear comfort for perfect listening pleasure even over extended periods. Thanks to Bluetooth® technology, the headphones allow wireless transmission between the headphones and audio source; also, a 3.5 mm jack connection is available for wired transmission. Thanks to the 3D sound effect, the headphones offer a spacious sound experience and the Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling ensures optimum sound reproduction without disruptive ambient noise. Should exterior noise ever need to be heard by the wearer, however, such as in the event of announcements on an aeroplane or when having a conversation, this is no problem thanks to the transparency mode – without having to remove the headphones. Phone calls can also be made via the Bluetooth® headphones. A microphone has been integrated for this. The touch pad on the right earpiece allows simple and intuitive operation of every function. The headphones are provided together with a matching transport bag. Our Mercedes-Benz designers have put a lot of work into the design of the headphones, in order to give them their exceptional and brand-typical design. The clear and sensual flowing forms appear like a mould. The surfaces and materials have been very carefully selected in order to attain a maximum level of quality and wear comfort. Our engineers are responsible for the functionality and the innovative operation. These headphones are the result of an intensive development on an automotive level and are worthy of carrying the shining chrome Mercedes-Benz Mercedes star. – Bluetooth® headphones – Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling – Bluetooth® version V5.0 – Up to 18 hours battery life – Headset function – Intuitive operation – Incl. transport bag, headphone jack and USB cable

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