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Mercedes-Benz Concept Car: Vision EQXX

What is a Concept Car?

A concept car is a prototype vehicle that is created to showcase new design ideas, technologies, or engineering features that may be incorporated into future production models. Concept cars are usually built by automotive manufacturers and are intended to gauge public reaction to the company’s design and technology choices.

Concept cars often feature radical designs, advanced materials, and futuristic features such as autonomous driving systems, electric powertrains, and augmented reality interfaces. They may also incorporate experimental technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells or advanced battery systems.

Vision EQXX: Slicing Through The Wind

The Vision EQXX is a concept car from Mercedes-Benz.

Vision EQXX breaks its efficiency record of 1202 km on a single battery charge!
We bring you the Mercedes future car which effortlessly covers more than 1000 km on a single battery charge, with Ologic technology which reduces tire deformation while driving and is lightweight- good for uphill climbs. 

So, take it on a road trip to the mountain passes or the lands of your fantasy including roadworks or any weather conditions, and enjoy the smoothest and fastest ride to your desired destination with your friends and family!

Our goal is to gain maximum efficiency through innovation. Mercedes Concept Car Vision EQXX is a product with a holistic approach, keeping in mind the environment with good endurance and lower energy consumption.

If you are looking for digital and sustainable innovations then look no more! You are at the right place now! Mercedes has the best concept cars and Vision EQXX is a blueprint for the future of automotive engineering, and as we say “EFFICIENCY IS THE NEW CURRENCY”, incorporating many learnings from the Mercedes AMG F1 team, we keep testing the limits of what all is possible! 

The Mercedes Benz Vision EQXX concept car boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design with a low-slung body and sharp lines that slice through the wind. Its futuristic exterior is highlighted by a large panoramic roof that offers a stunning view of the surrounding environment, and slim LED headlights that give the car a bold and futuristic look. 

Inside, the Vision EQXX features a spacious and luxurious cabin with advanced technologies and premium materials. The one-piece display offers real-time graphics and is highly responsive to the driver’s needs, making it easier to access important information while driving. 

The car also comes equipped with advanced AI technology that helps the driver save energy and provides tips for a more efficient driving experience.

Under the hood, the Vision EQXX is powered by a cutting-edge electric drivetrain that offers exceptional performance and efficiency. 

At Silverstone, our best Concept Car was welcomed by a very special guest driver Nyck de Vries, our racer from Dutch racing for the Mercedes-EQ Formula E team, who for real did not go easy on our research vehicle and took the vehicle on the road to its maximum speed limit of 140 km/h roaring through the legendary British race track.

As Mercedes plans to bring all-electric vehicles on the road by 2030 and with Vision EQXX EV efficiency is achieving new levels.

Some Cool Features of Vision EQXX:

Thermal Heat Management-

Let’s take a look at what goes on underneath the Mercedes-Benz Concept Car. The combination of aero-shutters, pumps, and coolant valves ensures that the electric drive unit maintains the required temperature with lower energy consumption. 

This way, we can achieve two objectives: keeping a cool head with the cooling floor, which helps with good airflow around the Vision EQXX, and producing the least heat waste. 

Even in temperatures as high as 30 degrees Celsius during summer, the Vision EQXX proves to be highly efficient in keeping the cabin temperature cool and breezy, giving you the feeling of relishing your best wine at a property nestled in a valley, thanks to our multi-source heat pump.

Lightweight Battery-
As we see progress in accelerating technologies, inspired by the choices of cyclists we look for the power: weight ratio. Now we know every gram of extra weight consumes energy and to be efficient in every aspect Vision EQSS wins the race with the battery weighing only 1,755 kilograms!

Recovery at its best-
Making the best out of what you’ve got! Mercedes Benz knows it all when it comes to what you need but also what you may need! The car also features recuperation technology that allows it to recover energy reserves while braking. 

Electric vehicles use electric brakes which are not only lightweight but also regenerate energy reserves. So, when you go downhill your car’s energy goes up!

Nature Friendly:
Yes! You read it correctly! We are nature friendly. Give your car a sunbath and get your car’s energy boosted by more than 2 percent, not at a charging station but under the sun! 
With 117 solar charging the 12-volt battery, which can easily supply to the navigation system and this can be easily measured by the load this removes from the high-voltage battery, shown on the onboard computer. For your journey over 1000 km, this adds a good 25 km to your drive.

Assistance for you-
We come with new UI/UX features, a one-piece display that assists with real-time graphics and reacting to your needs, bringing the real world to your Mercedes Benz Concept Car. This new AI technology will help you in saving energy, assisting with tips on the go for the most linear driving experience. Whether it is about the battery status, energy flow, geography, or even the direction of the intensity of the sun we will help you with all that you need!

As a leading luxury brand, we are consistently working to bring luxury to new levels. Bring home not just a car but an experience of efficiency with the best concept car.
For more details on the Mercedes Benz concept car Vision EQXX  contact your nearest Mercedes Benz Dealer.

April 6, 2023
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