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Mercedes Benz 300 SLR: The most expensive classic

First, there are expensive cars and then there are extravagant, opulent cars of the world. One car that tops the list of the most expensive and exquisite cars in the world is the Mercedes 300 SLR. Tracing its origin back to 1954, this two-seater sports race car was designed to the frontline at the World Sportscar Championship for Mercedes Benz. The car has won several prestigious accolades and reserves its position as the most expensive car in the world. 

The three-point star brand is known to manufacture the most top-tier, avant-garde, and luxurious sedans, SUVs, and sportscars around the globe. If you’re a sports car fanatic and haven’t had a look at the exquisite range of Mercedes Benz cars, you are missing out on an entirely different universe of fancy cars. Get in touch with your nearest Mercedes Benz dealer for a complete rundown on the most exquisite Mercedes Benz that you can choose to buy! With the most linear performance, opulent luxury, and comfort, it is only with a Mercedes Benz that you embrace an extravagant driving experience. Find more information about Mercedes Benz car prices at your nearest AutoHangar Mercedes showroom. 

The Mercedes 300 SLR is named after Rudolf Uhlenhaut, who was the Mercedes Test Dept. head. The car seeks inspiration from the Mercedes W196 F1 Car which won in 1954 and 1955. The design aesthetics of this automotive marvel is retained from the original racing prototype of 1955. You can also find the first ever SLR, the original one that ran the world Sportscar Championship, at the brand museum, preserved and displayed prominently. The Mercedes Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe is the most expensive car ever bought at an auction. It was bought for Euros 135 Million, which is close to Rs. 1,1108 Crores. 

The car is rumored to be the descendent of the silver arrow cars. Yet another thing that makes the Mercedes 300 SLR extravagant and expensive is the fact that it is super exquisite. How? The luxury car brand chose to only manufacture 9 units of the Mercedes 300 SRL. That’s right. There’s only 9 pieces of this masterpiece in the entire world. It is a coveted antiquity if not your everyday mode of transport. Furthemore, out of these nine SRLs, only two are actual functional prototypes of the Mercedes Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe. This luxury car has a straight-eight engine that is capable of taking the car up to 288kph on a good, steady road.  

The car was originally designated “SL-R” (for Sport Leicht0Rennen, eng: Sport Light-Racing), it was later shortened to “SLR”. Quintessentially the W 196 is based on the W 196 R, but it is configured slightly differently. The engine is distinctive, displacing 3 liters. However, the straight-8 engine of the Mercedes 300 SLR keeps up with its magnificent speed and performance on the race track and the roads. The W 196 S’s monoposto driving position was later modified to the standard Mercedes Benz two-abreast seating, headlights were added for safety reasons, and a few other alterations were made to embody a strictly track competitor to a 24-hour road/track sports racer. The engine quality and exhaust controls remain unchanged since the inception of this car. It is a petite two-seater that fascinatingly broke the record of all luxury car brands to become the most expensive car ever bought at an auction. 

You can head onto your nearest, authorized Mercedes Benz dealer to find out more about the exquisite Mercedes 300 SLR. This is one of Mercedes Benz’s only cars that offers an extensively linear performance with incredible suspension and engine power. It is one of the most luxurious rides in the history of the world. It is one of the most rare cars with a fine state-of-the-art design aesthetic and an all-while tone. With the exhausts visibly prominent in the exterior of the car, it is not replicated again in any of Mercedes Benz S-class, E-class or limo-style series. You can also look through a distinctive range of sports cars manufactured by the luxurious three-point star brand and find out more information about  Mercedes SUVs, Sedans, race cars and Mercedes Benz car prices. 

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September 13, 2022
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