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How Powerful is the new Mercedes-AMG C63

How Powerful is the new Mercedes-AMG C63

The new Mercedes C63 AMG is a perfect blend of emotion, intelligence and elegance. Being a coupe, driving the C63 becomes even more fun. The Mercedes C63 AMG comes with a sporty design packed with new and innovative technology making sure safety is not compromised.

The power of the Mercedes C63 AMG can be imagined from the fact that some high-tech components in the car are adopted from Motorcross. The dynamics of the car is performance-driven. The Mercedes C63 AMG has an AMG 4.0-litre V8 Biturbo Engine that facilitates explosive power delivery and controllable power output. Mercedes
AMG has stuck to their legendary principle of “one man one engine” for the Mercedes C63 AMG as well. The alloys of the car are inspired by motorsport featuring the NANOSLIDE technology. The “hot inner V” makes the high-performance engine very compact. In the new Mercedes C63 AMG, the
turbochargers are located between the “V” of the cylinders.

The advantages of an engine of this sort are optimum response, low exhaust emissions and very short air paths. The Mercedes C63 AMG functions with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed Transmission which is considered very effective, efficient and the best of all. What the AMG SPEEDSHIFT Transmission does is, it shortens the shift times and offers quick multi-gear downshifts. The Sport, Sport+ and manual modes of AMG DYNAMIC SELECT quicken upshifts and rev-match downshifts for a smooth response.
The Mercedes C63 AMG also has a sports exhaust system. The sound of the exhaust adapts to the driving mode selected via DYNAMIC SELECT. The double-declutching function is audible and the controlled misfires in the Sport+ drive program take the driving experience to another level.
It's not only the power that makes the Mercedes C63 AMG special. The exterior of the car is very expressive complimenting the power it generates. The radiator grille on the car is an eye-catcher. The Multibeam LED lights are individually controllable and react to the traffic situation. To add more features, the Mercedes C63 AMG also has a panoramic sunroof and an AMG spoiler lip. The spoiler lip reduces the airlift of the rear axle, keeping the car stable even at high-speeds.
You can also opt for the AMG Aerodynamics package for the C63 improving the driving characteristics. Also, the car will look even sportier.

Test drive the new Mercedes C63 AMG at your nearest Autohangar Mercedes Showroom!

July 10, 2020
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