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How Often You Should Service Your Mercedes Car

How Often You Should Service Your Mercedes Car

An old adage goes like this – with great power comes greater responsibility. If you own the
most desirable, powerful and dynamic luxury car in India – Mercedes Benz, know that you
have got responsibilities. As a car enthusiast and someone who is dazzled by the
extraordinary driving features, impeccable design and the latest safety features, you must
take care of your star by taking it to the nearest Mercedes Benz service centre.This way you can keep enjoying the high quality of driving luxury vehicles.Regularly servicing your star at dedicated Mercedes Benz service centre is the best decision
you can make. The team of expert technicians would go the extra mile to make it safe,
reliable and keep powering its performance.Now the question here is how often should you service your Mercedes Car? The general rule
tells that you must take your Mercedes Benz car for service every 12 months or 8,000 –
10,000 km after running, whatever comes first. It also depends on other factors like the
Mercedes model that you own. Nevertheless, there are some basic things to keep in mind to
decide when your car needs servicing.

Kilometres Covered & more

Always keep a check on the distance you have travelled. As mentioned before the
kilometres you have covered can give you a good indication if it’s time for your Mercedes
Benz to go for service. But at the same time, it is necessary to check if everything is working
fine or not.Within the stipulated time if you feel discomfort with driving or malfunction of any part of
the vehicle, immediately take it for servicing.

General Maintenance

Always keep a tab on general maintenance. If you have followed the scheduled service at
every interval, you know when your car needs servicing. Even without taking it to the
Mercedes Benz service centre, you can take care of little but important things like oiling,
tightening of loose elements and so on.You can always look after wear and tear or the replacement of fluids and prevent any
damage from getting worse. Of course, if it is out of your hand, head to the Mercedes Benz
service centre for expert service advise.

Quality of Roads and Terrains you have treaded

In India, your Mercedes will come across various types of roads. It can vary from good to
bad to worse. There are difficult terrains you will have to tread. So, if you travel your way to
the Himalayas or to the difficult roads, there are chances your vehicle may suffer damage.Thus, conditioning is necessary. Taking your luxury car to the nearest Mercedes Benz service
centre would be a great idea.

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October 5, 2021
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