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Celebrating India’s 74th Independence day in “G” style !

Gallantly driving through exceptional terrains, the G class; Geländewagen has
always been a showstopper icon in the Mercedes Benz’s luxury car stable for
the past 40 years. Autohangar has been successful this time unlike always in
initiating their creative marketing strategies in the form of celebrating
Today Autohangar celebrates the Independence day in a quiet unique style.
We have not One, nor Two but Three G63 AMGs with us which would give an
excellent  tribute to India on account of its 74th Independence day.

Autohangar has been quiet wise in choosing the shades of the Gs being used as all the 3 G wagons when parked in order of a Tricolour, makes us feel proud to see that the Sunset beam shade symbolizes  Courage; Safron, the Polar white shade on the new Gen G63 symbolizes the Peace; White and the Alien green shade symbolizes Growth; Green. All three colours bought together, makes us feel heart-warming remembering the India's brave freedom fighters who bought us these peaceful days.
I am sure unlike the Tri colour, every Mercedes Benz owner and an aspiring buyer would feel proud to say that, every Mercedes Benz car has abit of G class element in it, right from the functionality of adaptive dampers to having equally comforting seats unlike the luxury sedans by Mercedes Benz.
The Shah of Iran suggested Mercedes Benz to offer it as a civilian vehicle in 1979 and Mercedes Benz had to acknowledge his cutting edge suggestion as he was one of the biggest stake holders in Mercedes Benz. Looking at the G class don't you find it robust and empowering as good as a military vehicle?  Argentine Army was the first military in the world to use it as the military model 461.  Sounds easy? Well it was not that simple for the G class to achieve its degree for being recognized as the Best offroading vehicle. In 1974 the G class had to go through various tests and evaluations on which the car was assessed on its ability on certain extreme locations like the Sahara dessert, Artic Circle and German Coalfields. Later in 1981 the SUV was offered with certain necessities like  air conditioning, Automatic transmission and cable wiches. 1985 was the year when the Geländewagen was truely a standard offroader as the SUV had a standard fitment of the difflocks which made it climb at any surface terrain. That's the time the G pickedup on its Sales and the Vehicle managed to sell 50,000 of its units the very next year, the sales figures are equally atpar till date.
It is said that, an individual is never called a true offroad enthusiast if he hasn't tried driving the Geländewagen in its natural habitat. Try it !  So on the 74th Independence day Autohangar has bought us 3 G 63 models to explore of which two models are an older gen and the Third is a New generation G class.

Let’s have a look at the detailed comparison of the latest G 63 and the previous gen G 63.

The previous gen G 63 was known for its overwhelming handcrafted V8 engine which was known for its quick response  then. The AMG G63 introduced in 2012 had an engine of 5461cc which generated a power of 536hp @ 5500 rpm and a peak torque of 800nm @ just 1700 – 5000 rpm. Later on the face-lift model bought in the year 2015 had an additional power of 27hps enhancing it to 563hp, the SUV was also renamed as "MERCEDES AMG G63".
Looking at the engine specs I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that the 0-100 of the previous Gen G63 was just 5.4 secs.
I understand the previous Gen had already raised the expectation level of its fans to an another level, continuing to this the New generation has a quiet a lot to offer not just with the Engine but it won't be wrong to say that the New G class is well decked up.
The all new G 63 has an all new heart, although the displacement of the engine is reduced still the SUV won't fail to surprise you on extreme inclinations and slopes.
The newely handcrafted engine is a 3982 cc engine and is quiet refined which generates a power of 585hp @ 6000 rpm and offers a quick push of 850nm of torque @ 2500 – 3500 rpm. The SUV promises to clock a 0-100 in just 4.5 secs. Isn't that interesting?
The previous gen G 63 AMG had an 7 speed AMG Speedshift transmission where as the new mammoth has an absolute fluent AMG Speedshift 9G TCT transmission, thanks to Mercedes Benz for being so brilliant in manufacturing their own gearboxes, 9G TCT really coordinates well with the Engine.
The previous gen G63 was equipped with 6 CD changers, Inbuilt Navigation and Smartphone integration with bluetooth connectivity. The new G has alot to offer, Wireless charging, 3D navigation with live traffic update which makes it obvious to have Mercedes me connectivity and In-car internet. Mercedes Benz has also developed on the SUV's voice command by offering Hey Mercedes, which controls 72 different operations at a glance.
The new G is not just filled with gizmos but is more Taller, Stronger and Sharper than its predecessor. The SUV is 39mm longer, 74mm wider, 39mm taller and also has an additional wheelbase of 40mm than its older Gen. There's one thing which all of us miss a lot in the new G class, that's the Bullbar which made it looked muscular which is discontinued in the new generation due to advanced safety norms.

The AMG G 63 had quiet of a good customization options in which an
individual was able to configure his G by choosing among 12 exterior paints, 5
designo interior styles, 4 trim options and 2 combinations of Alloy wheels.
Whereas the new Mercedes AMG G 63 has a wide range of customizations
available such as 20 exterior paint options, 23 G manufaktur interior styles, 3
designs of alloys with 21″ and 22″ size options, 1 trim option and multiple
packages like AMG package, Chrome package, etc.

One thing which Mercedes Benz has not failed to miss even on the New G unlike the previous generation, that's the twin pipe AMG exhaust which makes you connect with the SUV mentally the moment you hear her Roar.  All said and done, Mercedes Benz had done a remarkable job by being consistent in updating their most historic and Iconic model for more than 40 years. Many more generations and variants to come I am sure, Mercedes Benz won't leave any stone unturned in keeping the Best leading. Truely must say, the G is STRONGER THAN TIME!

Author: Sahil Bhiwandkar

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Location: Ajmera Realty

Photography: Clinton

August 19, 2020
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